• Spotted in Thailand by Smithers.

    The Quokka Bar!

    Smithers and ladyboys not present.


  • Quokkas 166-5 (Skip 97)

    Defeated by lunch

    After rustling up some quality Bacon baps, Skip and Karl the Kiwi hit
    Satan Dave’s Audi Quattro. The Quattro was so retro it only had a tape
    player, but then this is Satan’s car so he can have what he likes. Bon
    Jovi and Rock was played all the way to Wantage.

    With spirits high and the sun out, Skip won the toss again and elected
    to bat. It was a belter of a track, plus the fact Joe the Rage had go
    walkabout with bushranger leaving us with only 9 players. Ivan picked up
    the Rev’s mantle of opening. Looking solid and robust Ivan looked the
    part. Skip at the other end was being encouraged by the hairdresser
    umpiring to keep ticking over, mainly by the Egg’s favourite shot, the
    edge for four.

    All was going well until Ivan and Dac were dubiously given out by our
    Umpires….we will never learn!
    Let me replay the Ivan’s dismissal.
    Ball nips back and clips Ivan’s pad and the Wantage boys appeal loudly
    (wanting to break the solid opening pair).
    Smithers “Bradders, is that out?”
    Bradders at the non strikers end “I don’t know, you are the bloody
    Umpire.” Which was obviously the wrong response. Smithers feeling the
    pressure thought he better raise his finger.
    Bradders “Did he actual hit that??”
    Smithers “I think I may have been glove”
    Tweeky (Wantage Legend) ” Your umpires are being very generous today,
    that was never out!”

    Tweeky came on to bowl, thinking he cannot fail, took off his pick
    Cowboy hat(which he wore for the whole 35 over) and gave a master class
    of deceptively straight spin bowling. Once Tweeky was seen off, the
    wickets kept tumbling with skip holding up his end. At 75 for 4 with
    about 10 overs to go Hairdresser and Skip picked up the pace. Gav,
    finding a new shot, slog sweeping down his legside. Skip pasted his
    fifty and let the flood gate open. With 3 balls left Karl the kiwi had
    joined Skip to get over 150. Skip hears confused messages from the
    boundary finished with Dac stating “don’t tell him..remember the Odney
    Club”. A four later and with 2 balls to go Skip asks the fateful
    question “how much am I on?” 97 is the reply. Easy, thinks Skip and
    slaps the next ball that is athletically stopped for 2. Last ball of the
    innings in true prudent style, Skip push the ball back at the bowler for
    a dot ball. Very conservative and prudent. Once an accountant always an
    accountant. Quokkas 166 for 5.

    That was basically the end of the game. Wantage brought out their secret
    weapon….. The Teas. Quokkas, never to look a gift horse in the mouth,
    preceded to eat until they dropped and forgot about the fact we needed
    to play cricket. A 10 wickets defeat followed.

    Nice day out, great lads at Wantage and as their Captain Duncan said,
    “2-1 to Wantage, best out of 100?” See you next year Wantage.

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