• Match Facts:

    Jan 24, 2021

    Fletcher 2 Oval, Burnley



    The Big Picture:

    Welcome to 2021. I’m not going to add my two cents to the plethora of comments about 2020 being a dumpster or unprecedented, but I will add my plethora joke.

    A man is asked to speak at a funeral, he gets up and says “plethora”.

    The family thanks him, saying “that meant a lot”.

    You’re welcome.

    Quokkas season 2020/21 has gotten off to an exciting start, with a lot of fun games, though with no additions to the win ledger; if that means anything.

    One upside this season has been the transformation of Jay Rayner into our own Nostradamus, correctly predicting everything from the weather to the outcome of every test match and innings. Entertaining stuff.

    We have only played The Cherry Tree once, in their debut YPCA game last season, which we won thanks to a huge total being put on by most of the team (30s to Big Dog, Alex, Jay, Ed, Sizzle) followed up by bowling so tight that skinny jeans manufacturers were made to blush (average RPO of 5.3).

    Form Guide:

    As mentioned, The Quokkas have put in some good efforts this season without any wins. Still, the games have all been played in a good spirit and everyone has had a go, which is the point of the whole thing really.

    In the Spotlight:

    The Animal has been in ferocious form this season, taking wickets and not getting hit for many, while also scoring plenty of runs at the tail. Perhaps the rest of us will hit this hot form in 20 years when we get our movie discounts?

    The Animal, seen here focusing his chi

    Stats and Trivia:

    Been a while, so here we go:

    • Since becoming a proper umpire The Big Dog has slowed down with his appearances, he is still sitting on 96 games for The Quokkas (71 YPCA, 8 BDNO, 10 other*, 5 v VBCA, 2 in Sri Lanka) – BRING ON THE DOG
    • On appearance milestones, Local (47) and Jay (45) also have lifetime membership on the horizon
    • The Big Dog and Ed are now equal on career wickets (48), with Ed becoming a specialist bowler this season can he overcome the large hound?
    • J Rod is on 491 runs, only needing 9 to join the 500-club (with Jay, Alex, Radar, Dutchy, ahem, Big Dog and Ed), and only 2 behind Snipper (493)
    • Similarly, Local is on 486 runs so we may be able to get a 500-club XI soon
    • Radar is on 593 runs, so on the cusp of the rare 600-run club. He also has 28 dismissals for the club; 11 catches and an insane 17 stumpings / run outs
    • Jay (29 wickets) is about to run into the 30-wicket club, sitting behind Dutchy (40), Rev (32), Big Dog and Ed (Sri Lankan opening specialists),

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  • The archives have been found and we’ve been able to dig out some old, previously un-posted, match reports from Captain Radar:

    First game back for the season and as has become tradition I was entrusted with captaining the team. From memory as I wrote this today (over 12 months later), it was perhaps one of the more gloomy days we’ve played cricket on.

    Not for the last time in the season we were playing against brand new opposition. It was great to play against some unknown opposition and as with the game against The Clyde later in the year, great to play against a team with a bit of diversity.

    We played a pretty strong game. Batting particularly well with 5 people making 30’s. Big Dog, Alex, Jay, Ed and Sizzle all reached the milestone, with Dutchy also contributing a 29.

    Bowling wise everyone kept of very tight, with pretty much the whole team only conceding low double figures runs wise. Jay and Local both took two wickets, with a notable mention of Local again who took 3 catches.

    Got pretty wet there for the end of the cherry tree’s innings, with a couple of rain delays. And the quokka’s target was never really threatened.
    Great game to start the season. 

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