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    As with every year, expectations were high, and tactical planning was abundant. I always look forward to this day, generally only to be pretty disappointed with my own performance. With the exception of last year. Hence why I have the privilege of writing this report. 

    The quokkas drew a strong royston team in the first round. And surprise – that’s as far as it went. Confirming my theory that we are one of the better bowling teams going around, we did really well to keep the royston to around 120 from memory? Everyone bowled great, with a. special mention to Jack who took 2 maybe 3 (?) wickets near the end of the innings.

    Everyone really put in on the field, and I think we even held catches.
    Batting wise – it was just a bridge too far. After a particularly slow start from me, we were just in too deep a hole for the rest of the order to climb out of. Snipper made a 20 I think and maybe one more person got there (?) but we really never got too close to looking in the game.

    Having said that – I’d like to thank everyone for their efforts on the day. We tried really hard, and played with great spirit. My job was really easy and it was actually a really good day. Pretty hard coming up against these teams with batting orders packed to the brim with big hitters. The 10 over game is just so suited to them. Reckon we give anyone a fair shake over 25 overs. So no need to hang our heads about it. 
    Looking forward to this year’s event if it happens!

    Not from the BDNO, just a photo of the team

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