• Thanks for the opportunity of allowing me to (unconventionally) Captain the team last Sunday.  It was a great day but unfortunately we couldn’t walk away with a win… rundown as follow:

    After losing the toss (OK, there was no toss, they just asked to bat first) we found ourselves in the field.  An unconventional 4 pronged opening attack was adopted, which seemed to work in our favour.  It was a great start by ‘Bad Boy’ cracking their opening batsman in the head with the opening ball of the day and drawing blood.  Two balls later we had their Captain out caught behind, to a dubious decision from the umpire.  I think the decision even surprised the Bad Boy.  Next to bowl was high hat Mo, taking another wicket by knocking the bails off the stumps without the batsman knowing what had happened…  Pup and Gregor followed up with some tidy work, with Gregor unlucky not to take a wicket with Jazzron ‘the clouds make it hard to see’ Keeper putting down a caught behind opportunity.  Luckily we weren’t made to pay, with Bad Boy clean bowling the same batsman in the next over.  Pup bowled extremely well, taking 1/12 with his opening spell. 

    Moving further into the innings, Rev was asked to bowl the next over.  His response was that he needed to go ‘wee wees’ first and asked if I could bowl someone else first.  Instead we found him an incontinence pad, which allowed him to run on in and take a wicket from a pie with extra sauce.  It must have been the ‘mystery fieldsman’ he put in place that scared the batsman – somewhere between long on and long off.    

    We managed to bowl the team out with some tidy bowling from all, for a score of 116.  A target we thought was quite achievable.

    Special mentions on the bowling:

    Ed: 2/2

    Bad Boy: 2/6 – plus a head-hunter drawing blood

    Big Dog: 1/10

    Dutchy & Rev: both 1/11

    Special mentions on fielding:

    Rev:  The mystery fielding position

    Rev:  Sore arm so can’t field in the deep

    Rev:  I need wee wees 

    When it came to batting we sent in our resident opener Ed, along with Rob for his first time of opening.  It was fair to say it was a difficult assignment, as getting the Rainbow’s bowlers away was no easy feat.  This was reflected with a ‘not so lightening’ start of 19 runs from the first 12 overs.  A run rate of 1.6.  This left us requiring 98 runs from the final 13 overs, a required run rate of 7.5.  So one by one we all (except Bad Boy) walked out to the middle, swung the bat with ferociousness, then walked back to the sidelines with our tails between our legs.  Jazzron however put up some fight near the end with a good knock of 20 – overcoming his fear of the clouds and shoving it up the captain for putting him down at number 8.  Unfortunately we fell short of our target by 28, reaching 9/89. 

    Special mentions on the batting:

    Jazzron: 20 (two 4s)

    J Bomb: 19 (two 4s, one 6)

    Rob: 17 (three 4s)

    Gregor: 15 (one 4, one 6)

    Cat: When asked if she wanted them to slow down the bowling?  Answer:  Absolutely not.  Very Gutsy, I reckon most of us would have said yes! 

    Thanks for the game lads, was a good one that we were expecting to get belted in – but we can hold our heads high.  One final hit-out against the Derby before the BDNO, so let’s finish off with a win.

    J Bomb

    Posted by Rev @ 2:13 am

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