• Burnley Oval. Full sun. We did knock up a ton.

    Plus seventy-odd, 3 retired.

    With Quokka’s as host and speed set to ‘coast’

    The Cruiser and Ed’s engines fired.


    A Tuesday quick knock. A baseball de Kock

    A boundary that stretched on for miles.

    Contributions abound- that sweet willow sound

    Reverse sweeping Tall Bird drew smiles.


    Then off for some lunch. A mountain goat punch

    The cycle of Dutchy full sizzle.

    Till centre was sought (these batsman look taught?!)

    But Robbo- well he brought his shizzle.


    Big Dog on the job with his sinister lob

    And Curto, full stretch looking happy

    Pitch it up was the call. Slowly wickets did fall.

    But the Marquis never once soiled the nappy.


    For the Lorne did not cease. Magic out on the crease.

    With boundary’s found in quick succession.

    And panic did reign. Much to Local’s disdain.

    Over throws mixed with school yard regression.


    But Ed kept his head. Even at the death (bed)

    And the Mu hit for six, rose above it.

    And the gods sat back pleased. Acting captain just breathed.

    We don’t like cricket. Oh no. We love it!

    Posted by Rev @ 11:57 pm

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