• From Captain Sizzle…

    Due to a scheduling error the Quokkas played their best cricket in the nets prior to the game.
    Once actual play started the boys were spent. Limited by the “captain” of the day, the derby pounced and made a meal of the pies on offer.
    After the drinks break we had a break through and didn’t need the yahoos on the balcony at square leg to field anymore.
    A screamer from Snipper and a wicket from the dog’s first ball steadied the ship.
    Then “that bloke” came back in for the umpteenth time and sent the neighbours scurrying.

    Our run chase started well until the quokkas top up fielders started fielding better than they would for their own team.

    Once Roger took a pearler of a catch that made him look 80 years younger, the writing was well and truly on the wall for the quokkas.

    The derby took home the choccy’s and in the end pub cricket was the winner, as was the bush on the other side of the road at square leg – catching plenty of sixes.

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