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    The Quokkas were lucky enough to play on another picturesque cricket ground on our annual trip to Gods country (Gippsland). We were also lucky that Nerrena decided to only play one A-grader, as well as numerous children.


    We were looking strong midweek with 13 excited cricketers ready to make the long trip down the freeway. Cue to Sunday and we had only had 9, starting the day off in true Quokka fashion. Thankfully we had the great help of Tadgh and Satish from Nerrena who were honorary Quokkas for the day.


    We won the toss and elected to bat, an astute tactical move considering we only had 8 players at the time.


    Ed and Jay opened up fantastically, putting on 40 before the first wicket fell and setting a strong foundation. This allowed Snipper to build his innings nicely and end up with an electrifying 32* and Alex also made a great 27.


    Unfortunately, the middle order came and went without too much fanfare, Local did bring back some respect at the bottom of the order with 14 not out and we ended on 144/6 which we felt may be a little short but on such a large ground with a slow outfield, it was definitely defendable.


    With no innings break BBQ and no beers allowed on the field, there was scarcely enough time for refreshments or fielding practice as we got straight back underway.


    With opposing captain Brian opening the batting, the decision was made to throw the new pill to his son Tadgh who chose to ignore my advice to “put it up his nose” and instead bowl line and length. He ended with figures of 0-10 so he probably made the right choice there. Satish was also worth his weight in gold, knowing the opposition players well enough to be able to help me set fields to combat their strengths, it’s almost as if he pays attention to what his teammates are doing? Seems like a lot of effort to me.


    Wickets fell around him as Brian stood tall until he was undone by a great nut from Jay for a very well made 35. That did however bring the A-grader Dave to the crease and the Quokkas were on edge!


    After D. Murphy was given out LBW (unlucky against the Quokkas), Saxon strode out to the middle. A couple of balls later he hit a beautiful cut shot to get off the mark, much to the delight of the crowd.


    Snipper was also electrifying in the field, or rather electrified by the fence after running down the hill after a perfectly executed on drive by Dave.


    Dave retired but then came back in after the fall of the ninth wicket with only 24 to win. He fell shortly after to a sharp ball from Local and that was all she wrote. The Quokkas bowling out yet another team this season, all out for 124 on this occasion.


    The win continues the Quokkas good run of form this season, playing good positive cricket and loving every minute of it, what more could you want!

    Mighty men of fortune

    Mighty men of fortune


    Big thanks to Nerrena Cricket Club for their hospitality and we’ll be sure to take care of the O’Donovan-Gannon trophy for at least the next year.

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