• I awoke to rain and thought surely Rev is going to call a match off? No way. ‘Be there at 12 ‘ was the curt, daunting text.We arrived to a BBQ already on the go and news that Andy, captain of the VBCA team had sent us into bat.
    With experience and experience needed, Big Dog and Rev strolled out. After a solid partnership of 7 a few other batsmen went in and did okay, but it was Snipper and Local who poured on the runs.
    Radar and Chef also got some away but the lower order run making machine called Eliza showed us all what T20 death batting is about.
    Humble as ever, Snipper retired but returned to the crease to make more, to take us to a formidable 113 saying “I have to admit, I could see through the (vision impairment) glasses”.
    In the bowling stakes, once we bowled out the two members of the Australian team, Hawkeye and Peter, the scoring slowed considerably. It also slowed after I mankadded a batsmen.
    That would be correct. Emu put a mankad on a blind cricketer for backing up too much. Of course it was only a warning, and not serious, but I later found out it the humour was drained as it was done for real in the All Abilities World Cup one year by an Indian bowler. Rough!
    Rev was brought on with atypical success, including getting two wickets in a row! The third ball? Missed the pegs by a coat of varnish.
    As the game got close, the VBCA team began to score heavily, mainly because we only had 5 fielders.
    It appears some Quokkas realised that the blind crickets could not see the gaps to capitalise and began stints on the radio and bar, mostly paying out on Emu for making 1 run and trying a quick single off the only player who was level 3 impaired (tunnel vision).
    In the end, the Quokkas held on by 12 runs.
    A great day was had by all except, Rev, who is still chasing a hat trick.
    Thanks to all that attended and had a stint on the radio. The boys were very happy and look forward to Game III next year.
    The All-Abilities World Cup will be held on March 17 at Prahran District Cricket Oval. Some boys from VBCA will be involved. Get down if you have time!
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