• From Captain JRod.
    Welcome to a new decade..
    The day was a little gloomy to start, overcast and no opposition 15mins before the start of play. Then we saw a convoy of cars being lead by a white van coming from the Highway side of the ovals. The Pinnacle has arrived.
    With the Pinni hosting and batting first we started our attack with Special and Pup (Puckman as he was known on the scoresheet.)
    A tight couple of overs and Pup picks up the first wicket.
    Pete and new recruit Sandy are next. Sandy gets a wicket with his 3rd ever ball and Pete picks up another with the first ball of the next over. The Quokkas are feel positive at 3/66 after 8.
    Alex and Dutchy are the last pairing before drinks, some good bowling Alex had 3 plumb LBW in 1 over with Dutchy yelling the now mandatory “Any other league..!”
    At drinks the Pinnacle 3/95. Going for just under 8 and over is more runs than we would have liked but the Quokkas are feeling confident we can pull this back in the next session.
    After drinks started with Big Dog and Jay. Both Dog and Jay were unlucky not to get a wicket, but the pinnacle picked up the run rate and had a couple of retirees back in the sheds.
    With 12 players and 11 bowling, the next 6 overs were a rotation of Sizzle, Nimble and JRod. Pulling the run rate back with a couple of wickets and a runout from Alex.
    With 3 overs to go the Pinnace were looking at 200+ score at this stage.
    Alex comes back for his 3rd and bowls a great over, going for only 3 runs and picking up 2 wickets. A sharp stumping by Radar with the gloves and a bowled.
    Not to be outdone, Jay bowls another tight over of 3 runs and a wicket.
    Last over of the innings is the Captain JRod bowling Offies round the wicket.
    First ball is smacked high to long on where Sizzle takes a screamer diving into the dirt and coming up through a cloud of dust with ball in hand.
    Great catch and the whole team are pumped up at this point.
    This had the Pinnacle retirees coming back in.
    Next ball is hit to Pup at deep cover who takes another great catch.
    JRod is 2 from 2 with another retiree coming back in. A real chance to take a legitimate hat trick.
    With the hat trick ball, the whole Quokkas team move in around the bat.
    For this ball JRod decides to bowl over the wicket. Tension builds at the Quokkas clap the run in, ball is bowled… It’s sprayed wide down the leg side…
    With the anti climax of the wide, the Quokkas stay around the bat for the ball to be re-bowled.
    This time the ball is bowled straighter but is cracked through the legside for 4.
    Following this, normal fielding positions are taken and JRod goes back round the wicket. This time the ball is pitched up and knocks over leg stump.
    Pinnacle all out for 186. Quokkas 187 to win.
    After lunch and needing 7.5 an over to win Pup and Nimble walked out to open.
    We had a slow start and lost Nimble and Radar in quick succession. Pup picked up the run rate with Special. Pup got his 30 but was run out before he could retire.
    Special and Big Dog kept the runs coming at around 6 and over until drinks.
    Quokkas were 74 runs at drinks. 21 behind the Pinnacle at the same stage.
    Needing more than 8.5 runs an over after drinks it was hit out or get out and the runs started to flow. Special was out for a run a ball 15 and Big Dog retired. Pete came in for his first bat for the season. He was out going for a big cover drive that was taken with a screamer by the Pinni’s captain.
    That had Dutchy and Alex in who really started to up the rate. Dutchy with a couple of timely 6’s and Alex with a flourish of boundaries before Dutchy was caught and Alex was the second runout of the day.
    Sandy and Jay had a big task ahead of them. Needed 43 runs from the last 5 overs, the game is coming down to the wire.
    With 27 runs off the next 2 overs, the Quokkas were in a strong position.
    Big Dog runs out confirmation we need 16 runs off 18 balls. Jay strikes a few more strong boundaries before get caught in the deep. Leaving just 5 runs off 13 balls.
    Sizzle comes out and smacks a 4 off the last ball of the over giving him a strike rate of 400 and sandy retires.
    Retiree Big Dog come out with Quokkas needed just 1 run from 12 balls to win. Quokkas are feeling good at this stage. The Pinnacle have their field in close around the bat. Big Dog tells Sizzle to be ready for the run.
    Big Dog slaps it to point, they run, miss fielded by the Pinni and Dog raises his bat in triumph! What a finish, what a game! The Quokkas are undefeated in 2020!
    Great game and played in good spirit. The Pinnacle are a great bunch and we welcomed them back to The Empress for some well deserved refreshments.
    Pup 32, Big Dog 28no, Jay 28 off 15.
    JRod 3/13, Alex 2/15.

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