• From Captain “Big” Dave…

    What an honour it was to captain the Quokkas again in our Pride match against Holy Trinity CC.

    In What can only be described as our biggest match of the year, we had a cast of thousands and everyone was ready and rearing to go at 9am.

    Off they go

    The day started with a gracious bat flip & Holy Trinity chose to bat. Jay opened the bowling strong and kept them to on their toes. Partnerships didn’t last long, as they retired after about 20 balls.

    They played hard, batted well and scored quickly. Lots of chatter in the field kept Quokkas spirits up, mostly from Dutchy who at one point declared “they’re swinging more than a Camberwell couple”.

    With all that swinging, They did manage to get the ball over the rope a few times.

    Our fielding was tight, thanks to having a couple of extra hands in the field, Charlie and Max giving them no room to move.

    Some accurate bowling from Fargo & F1 saw them lose a couple of wickets, Charlie helping Radar with yet another rapid stumping. Holy Trinity setting is a target of 163.

    F1 and Radar got Quokkas on the board early, with Rohan retiring on 20 in the fourth over. Some tight, straight and accurate bowling from HT kept us on our toes, none more than Dutchy, Oscar & Big Dave who managed to get a total of 0 off 6 deliveries between them.

    Fridge hits out

    Prez & Max steadied the ship with a partnership lasting a Couple of overs, Charlie also showing them how to do it. Fargo did he best to show his all rounder skills, with a special guest appearance by the six-hitting Sizzle.

    We managed a respectable 103 off our 20 overs, but cricket, sport and diversity were the real winners of the day.

    Nice one, Quokkas

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