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    The day dawned blearily, but thankfully a sizzling light bacon aroma seemed present. Checking the radar presented a small chance of rain, but nothing to bank on. Sigh: captaincy looked likely to sit heavily on my shoulders today.

    After rechecking my responsibilities email from Rev, I start to ponder how to approach the day. Uber or bicycle. Food that might stay down. Drinks. Some dissolute wandering clutching a bacon and egg sandwich ensues. My lightly comatose reverie is broken with my first (and most significant) support for the day: Slug! Not only is he offering me a lift, he’ll bring along extra water and snacks to see me through. Game on.

    The muggy weather held the promise of a tough day, but there was no time to waste with rain threatening. The Curtin were running a little low for numbers so we graciously allowed them to bat first.

    Bowling highlights were concentrated pre-drinks….

    F1 and Ed opened with Ed taking an early wicket but (like the rest of us except for Jordan) copped a few boundaries.

    The runs started to dry up with Alex, Oscar and Rev all putting in some great bowling. Most of this greatness was sealed by Radar whose work behind the stumps would put an electric wicky to shame, very few balls getting through and 3 stumpings.

    6 for 80 at drinks. Coasting…. Into a storm of 10+ an over and the recently retired going the tonk. While fielding didn’t live up to the heroics of the last game, we were pretty tight and kept the errors (my 2 dropped catches aside…) down.

    Big call-outs to debutante Oscar with a tough boundary catch and a wicket, plus saving what seemed like 20 runs with diving action at cover; also to Pete who also picked up a tough catch and wicket on debut. Great to see! Call out also to Jordan strangled them for runs, plus got a played-on, and 2 wickets to Alex.

    Curtin all out for 229. Then they buggered off to buy chicken.

    Our batting was consistently inconsistent. Once again Radar did the damage – to the scoreboard and Alex. Run out off a sumptuous Radar straight drive touched (?????) by the bowler.

    There was a hubbub of excitement with Oscar coming to the crease. He said he was a batter and had already done well in the field. The unknown quantity:


    geeze he’d better get a move on! With his eye in he picked up the run rate to score 34 of 35, before breaking my heart getting out 2 balls before retirement.

    J-Rod popped in with a nice 16 before a run of outs against some frankly far too good bowling for this stage of a pub game. I barely had time to get my pads on before coming in at 10. 

    Stoked that I hit a couple of boundaries. A rare occurrence indeed. 

    Not as rare however as being caught by a keeper wearing Crocs

    Rev helped me in a rearguard action and put in a great overall performance with 2 wickets, 18 off 15 and a reverse cut. Amazing that he still has it in him.

    This is the picture you wanted included right Ed?

    A final flurry from Radar, a run out, and the game was done. 229 to 148 to The Curtin.

    We had a good crowd back at the Curtin for what we thought may be their last drinks ever (possibly no longer true) and the banter and friendliness on the field continued at the pub.

    Thanks for the friendly captaincy suggestions from all the far more skillful players about me on the day, the Curtin for good craic, and Slug for photos and ensuring I turned up!

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