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    Our biggest day of the year was set up to be a scorcher, Quokkas v the Standard @ Fairlea West.

    No toss was necessary as they wanted to bowl and we wanted to bat, after a cheeky pre-game pump up net sesh.

    The standard brought out their best bowling of the year, smashing through our top order, with Radar caught at long on going after a loose delivery in the first over.

    Dutchy fell shortly after, bowled on another full toss. Little did we know that this was the start of a pattern.

    Alex and F1 battled to steady the ship, chipping away with singles and a couple of boundaries before they too were both bowled.

    F1, doing a little fencing in front of a lot of fencing

    The ever resilient Jay Rayner did his best to get that score up, almost melting in the 32° dusty centre. All those singles and twos took their toll and he was also rattled.

    Blake and Oscar tried to get us moving but we’re also bowled… yes, there were 7 dismissals, 6 of them were bowled… unheard of! The standard required 57 to win off their 10 overs.

    Captain Big Dave kicked off the quokkas bowling, with a bit of pace not seen since the week prior.

    Captain Big Dave with the Big pace(tm)

    The standard’s innings was slow going too, being forced to run hard as the Quokkas kept the pressure on throughout. In the 5th over, Dutchy took the only Quokkas wicket (FOW 1/33).

    Somehow Jay Rayner kept running in the field and delivered a red hot over.
    Quokkas were valiant in their bowling and fielding efforts. Not many made it through, but not many needed to with the standard getting the win in the 8th over.

    This may have been the end of the playing, but it wasn’t the end of the day with most Quokkas sticking around to support the Standard against the Vic. Shade was hard to come by, but beers were not and the afternoon was spectacular.

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