Full Name: Mark “Robbo” Robertson

Major Teams: Quokkas CC, Melbourne FC

Batting Style: Steady technique

Bowling Style: Described by Curto as ‘lovely and flowing’.  This was followed by a glowering look at the Rev.



Innings: 4

Runs: 54

Average: 18


Overs: 17

Wickets: 3

Runs: 97

Average: 32.33


Robbo’s inclusion in the Quokka team is constantly in dispute, largely due to his ability to bowl line AND length at a decent pace – consistently!  Showed some good form with the bat at the start of 2012, prompting a warning for good performance from team management.  Took out the Mick Jagger Award (for best all-rounder) for the 2011-12 season.

Easily the worst driver in the Quokka team, Robbo keeps local mechanics in full-time employment and always has an empty car to himself before and after all games.

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