Bad Boy

Bad Boy

Full Name: David ‘Bad Boy’ Armstrong
Major Teams: Quokkas CC
Batting style: In the ‘V’
Bowling Style: Asks questions like Columbo



Innings – 3

Runs – 22

Not Out – 2

Avg – 22.00


Overs – 14

Runs – 71

Wickets – 6

Avg – 11.8

RPO – 5.07


The 2010-11 Best & Fairest winner for the Australian Quokkas, the Bad Boy constantly shook up the opposition through the element of surprise; turning up to games barely able to see through his hangover, but scorching out wickets when given the ball.  Took his own prestigious injury toll to new levels in 2012, turning up to a game with a  bad back after falling through a window trying to break into a bar at 2am.

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