The Quokkas formidable line-up was the result of years painstaking research. To attain such a high quality inventory of players, some of the gentlemen, were sourced from as far back as the 12th century.

Their names are:

  • Robin “Skip” Bradley
  • Sam “The Truth” Dunstan
  • Andrew “Binman” Smith
  • Dac “Attack” Nguyen
  • Iain “The Egg” Edwards
  • Geoff “The Mantis” Kendrick
  • Nick “The Professor” Metcalfe
  • Gavin “Hairdresser” Slater
  • Dylan “The Rev” Nichols
  • Loughlan “Slick” Magowan
  • Ivan “The Terrible” Fam
  • Joe “The Rage” Warren-Meakes
  • Dave “Evil Dave” Barnett
  • Jared “Faggy” Fagberg
  • Karl “Gymnast” Biberstein
  • RobĀ “Snoop” Frumkin
  • Paul “Shandy” Lee
  • Simon “The Bear” Docherty
  • Tom “Teapot” Sudhoff
  • Adrian “Ches” Chesney
  • Adam “The Voice” Hallows
  • Chris “Conan” Falzarano
  • Brendan “Guru” Lewis

And in glorious Technicolor….

The Team