The first Quokkas v London Scottish in 2005.

(L-R) Back row: Thug P, The Knock, Phil, Pete, Skip, Rev, Attack

Front row: Mantis, Egg, Caveman, Professor

Quokkas v Crowmarsh CC, 2005

(L-R) Back Row: Attack, The Knock, Rev, Pete Best, Professor, Skip, Christian Anderson, Phil

Front Row: Caveman, Sammy D, Mantis

we were smashed

Quokkas v Athletic CC (Paris, 2007)

“we got smashed”

Winning Aussie Quokka Ashes Team 2008

(L-R) Back: Sammy D, Lion, ??, Rev, Slick, Skinny Pete (not Aussie!), Attack

Front: Paul Lee, Faggy, PJ, Mantis, The Terrible

Not sure what the boys are up to here v Wantage CC 2008

(L-R): Slick, Evil Dave, Smithers, Carel, Rage

Quokkas v Wantage CC 2006

(L-R) Back Row: Thug P, Attack, Rev, Egg, Skip, Skaff, Hairdresser

Front Row: Sammy D, Caveman, Mantis, Professor

Quokkas v Tusmore CC 2006

(L-R) Back Row: Nige, Skip, Rev, Attack, Smithers, Skaff

Front Row: Sammy D, Mantis, Caveman, Thug P, Egg

Quokkas v Wantage CC 2007

(L-R) Back Row: Slick, Thug P, Smithers, Bushranger, Skaff

Front Row: Fatty, Pav, Rev, Attack, Mantis, Egg

Skippy gets the tour started

Team Mascot Skippy in Slovenia 2008

Hairdresser and Horse burgers, Slovenia Tour 2008

PJ, Attack, Mantis & Slovenian lakeside views, 2008

Doing ‘the mantis’, Slovenia 2008

Getting smashed to the bounary, Slovenia 2008

Quokkas v Crowmarsh CC, 2008

(L-R): Faggy, The Terrible, Bushranger, Rage, Mantis, Lion, Rev, Nige, Paul Lee (just), Skip, Attack

Quokkas in Prague

Quokkas v Prague CC, 2009

(L-R) Back row: Trigger, Skip, Hairdresser, Vijay
Front row: Evil Dave, Attack, Egg, Slick, Smithers

The terrible is so fast behind the stumps he can only be photographed as a blur

Quokkas v St Annes Allstars, 2010

(L-R): Gymnast, Rob F, Binman, Skip, Tom the Yank (kneeling), Evil Dave, The Egg, Shandy, Miki Dan, Terrible

Skippy likes the local ale

Skippy enjoying  Croatian hospitality 2010

On tour Croatia 2010

Back Row L to R: Afghan, Shandy, Egg, Bruno, Binman, Bear, Terrible, Verger, Gymnast (hidden), Evil Dave

Front Row: Snoop, Skip, Tom the Yak

And that's game over!

Rev catches and stumps the last batsman from The Curtin off the last ball of the innings.  Big Dog is the bowler.  Celebrations from Left to Right: Mo, Ed, Dutchy, Pup, Horse, Jazzron

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