• From Captain Tuesday….

    An overcast gloomy day greeted me Sunday morning coupled with a very uneasy feeling filling my stomach. As I donned the captains jacket all I could hear was Rev’s words echoing through my mind ‘ we make it to semi final every year’ no pressure at all I thought with some of the boys showing strong batting performances in the nets the day before and Snipper giving me a fairly sizeable bruise on my leg… what could go wrong??


    This. This as your team could go wrong.

    Enter game 1 V The Dan.  I have never seen a team that at 8.30 in the morning look so fresh and work with such efficiency to set up their fence, carpet and umbrellas… It took us 3 blokes to put together 1 VB umbrella.  Revs words came flooding back even louder now and by the time the coin was tossed in the air it was all I could hear.

    Heads was the call and batting seemed like the logical choice. Chasing anything with 10 overs is never fun. The big guns were assembled at the top of the order. Emu abused the new orange ball while Dutchy abused me on his way out after facing 1 ball. Emu retired quickly followed by Robbo who never seems to disappoint. I could hardly find the middle of the bat but somehow clawed my way to 23 and Snipper chopped on to see us 3 retired and 2 out for not many. Chef served up some brutal shots which helped us limp to 84. Not a bad score I thought walking off, going to take some getting.


    The men in mustard and black bow ties decided that morning tea was coming early on Sunday. The first 4 overs cost us the best part of 52 runs for only 2 wickets. A great catch by Radar behind the stumps got us all up and about and Dutchy took a ripper on the boundary but only 9 of his team mates ran to celebrate. Robbo was making sure his BMW was ok after being hit a few balls before!

    The Dan reached the target a few balls before the 7th over. I heard someone say it was the shortest stint as a Quokka captain. Not sure if it’s a positive or a negative. The Dan looked damaging all day as we watched on and were well deserved winners.


    The Captain leading from the front

    Posted by Rev @ 2:21 am

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