• Match Facts:

    Sunday, October 25

    Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill


    Start Time:



    The Big Picture:

    This will be the first of another big season of games for the Quokkas, with 11 games scheduled against Pub League and non-Pub League teams.


    With little training over the winter due to a heady combination of laziness and bad weather, it will be interesting (read: cover your face with your hand) to see the form the boys in Maroon are in.


    This is the first game for this version of The Royal Derby in the Pub League, the Quokkas actually competed in their first Big Day Not Out in a combined team with an older incarnation, so little is known about our opponents. Their pub does have a big screen.


    Form Guide:



    In the spotlight:

    As it’s the first game of the new season, Radar will be at the healm of the team. Now married and running a successful business, the reputable Radar is the right man to have in charge.


    This will be Jims first match for the Quokkas since his debut in which he picked up 3 votes as Best on Ground. Not a bad record to have, but can he defend it? And like his other records, will it just contain songs about roads?


    Team News:

    Unusually for the Quokkas, there are no debutantes listed for this game, though it is several days out from match day so we expect that change between now and then.


    In fact, there is so much enthusiasm in the club rooms at the moment that there are 12 available to play with a combined 241 games of experience in the Pub League.

    1. Big Dog
    2. Ed
    3. Jim
    4. Dutchy
    5. Local
    6. Radar (c)
    7. Curto (w/k)
    8. J Rod
    9. Chef
    10. Snipper
    11. Alex
    12. Rev (Enigma – bowling only)

    Pitch and Conditions:

    Ramsden Street Oval is looking as lush as it is large at the moment, due largely to the wet winter passed. Its certainly a place for hitting fours, rather than running them.


    For those that missed talking to Alex at any time at training last week, the practice nets there are “really well designed”.


    The Bureau predicts it will be 29 degrees with a 40% chance of rain, so it will be hot and potentially humid. Delightful.


    Stats and Trivia:

    • The Big Dog needs to bowl one more over to crack 60 career overs bowled, putting him behind Ed (80), Dutchy (67 – I know, crazy) and Emu (63)
    • This will be Chefs 10th Pub League game for the Quokkas, remarkable considering this is only his 2nd season
    • Dutchy is only 18 runs off 600 career runs, given he averages 26.45, he should crack it this match
    • Snipper is on 128 career runs, 3 short of the Revs total (in only 16 less innings). You’d wager he overtakes the club dictator off his first ball faced.

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