• Match Facts:

    Alphington Park

    Parkview Road






    The Big Picture:

    A bit like a shogun wedding, this match was a surprise but not unwelcome. Also similar to a shotgun wedding, rousting a team for this at the last minute was a little tricky.


    Playing at the lush surrounds of Alphington is obviously a big motivator, as is the interest in playing one of the leagues other new teams; The Clyde Hotel, for the first time.


    The Quokkas are going in to this one with minimal changes and maximum momentum.


    Form Guide:

    I may have put the mozz on the Quokkas in the last preview by suggesting that they had peaked. Backing up from that win, the men in maroon went on to score 200+ against a quality side, as well as take ten wickets.


    Unfortunately, in true Quokka style, they still managed to just lose.


    In all, The Quokkas have a steady squad and are in good form.


    The Clyde is largely unknown, being a new team to the league. My lasting memory of the Clyde (the pub) is my mate Sam getting in trouble with the bar staff for absent-mindedly rubbing gravy all over a table with the bottom of his pot glass.


    Further trouble was then experienced when it was pointed out that the table now seemed cleaner.


    In the Spotlight:

    The man with no sleep, J Rod, has started this season in astonishing form with the ball, delivering leggies, offies, seamers and swingers – all within the same over. Perhaps it’s the move to the leafy green Eastern suburbs that has prompted this, but his sudden aggression and creativity are really challenging opposition batters.


    Team News:

    The final batting order is yet to be finalised, but the available team (at the time of writing) is:

    1. Ed ©
    2. Big Dog
    3. Pup
    4. Dutchy
    5. Jay
    6. Sizzle
    7. SPECIAL
    8. VP
    9. J Rod
    10. Radar
    11. Snipper


    Pitch and Conditions:

    It’s a bloody lovely ground out at Alphington, and with a new and potentially malleable opponent hosting, theres a decent opportunity to convince them to move the cones out to keep the game as interesting as the last.


    We’re expecting a top of 18 with a strong chance of a few millimetres of rain, so a bit of a grim one potentially.


    Stats and Trivia:

    • Amongst other stats from the last game, it was the first time we have had 3 players take 3 wickets (Alex, Jay, Local)
    • Nimble also hit his top score (19*) as a Quokka, here is looking to many more
    • J Rod and Jay are currently sitting on 393 and 390 career YPCA runs for the Quokkas, just 7 short of joining the 400+ club, which has 8 members; will the club membership increase by 25% this week?
    • Jays 3 wickets last week has taken him to 24 overall, equal 5th overall with Pup. Pup does slightly have him for RPO (5.21 v 6.05) though Jay does have the advantage on bowling average (15.13 v 16.5). Dutchy has crept up to outright 3rd for wickets with 30.
    • The recent change to Eds bowling style from strike bowler to holding bowler has seen his Overs Per Wicket (OPW) drop dangerously to 2.92, verging on Pup and Rev numbers (both 3.17)





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