• Quokkas v The Royal Derby


    Match Facts:

    Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill



    1:45 start


    The Big Picture:

    And so the last YPCA match of this season is upon us, in a season that has provided no end of highlights and the usual administrative nightmares.


    But its on positives that we focus and with this in mind we remember winning at Nerrena, the oysters on Bruny Island, Ed throwing his bat away when he was denied a run for a leg bye, the Big Dog injuring his elbow due to excessive geocaching, Ami’s navigational skills, Specials conversational skills and everything Sizzle.


    The Royal Derby always put on a great game and anyone that has lost against them will attest to how well they host afterwards.


    Here’s looking forward to a bit of fun on Sunday.


    Form Guide:

    Quokkas (most recent last): WLWWLWW


    Team News:

    With a winter of no cricket suddenly on the horizon, the Quokkas have a very strong side who are looking to hold on to what isn’t theirs to hold.


    Regardless, the XI at the time of writing is:

    1. Ed
    2. Big Dog
    3. Dutchy
    4. Rev
    5. J Rod
    6. Snipper
    7. Local
    8. Sizzle
    9. SPECIAL
    10. VP (c)
    11. (very wrestling MC voice): JAAAAAAYYYYYY RAAAAAAYYYYNER


    In the Spotlight:

    The Waste Management issues in the State of Victoria.


    With the main man behind the sticks suddenly out and Dutchy only having 1 working knee, the wicket keeping tasks may need to get passed to either The Dog or Ed (who have done OK before), though I suspect SPECIAL may have some magic glove lotion in his kit bag.


    Pitch and Conditions:

    Ramsden Street is a big favourite of The Quokkas, having been their primary training and pre-season base in the years when the Gold Coast and Dubai facilities are unavailable.


    We are expecting a sunny day with a top of 28 on Sunday, so an almighty day for smashing cans.


    Stats and Trivia:

    “Facts are stubborn but statistics are pliable”

    – Mark Twain


    • This will be Snippers 20 YPCA game and 33rd overall, bringing him level with Alex and 1 behind Jay
    • This will be Locals 40th appearance for The Quokkas, the 7th highest overall
    • Dutchy and The Rev are both on 29 wickets for The Quokkas, with the Dutchman taking poles for fun over the last 2-3 seasons while The Rev has…attended
    • Jay is on 19 YPCA wickets (at 17.95 and 6.31 RPO) and averages 0.9 wickets per match (or one wicket every 2.84 overs), so could join the s-club 20 with Pup (24), Dutchy and Rev (29), J Rod (20) and Voldemort (22)
    • VP comes back to Captain again despite being called “wack” by a student after the last time he did – resilience indeed



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