• Match Facts:

    Sunday, Jan 12,

    Cox Oval,

    Darkest Peru





    The Big Picture:

    Happy New Year! All of us here at Quokkas HQ wish you, dear reader, and yours all the very best of health and happiness for this Olympic (and leap) year.


    Being the first game of this decade, the Quokkas will be looking to get off to a vigorous start, most likely by scoring more boundaries than the opposition does.


    We go into this game having closed out the previous decade stronger than we started it, though a lot….wiser.


    The Pinnacle have provided a slurry of highlights in all our games against them, and these are always games that we look forward to.


    Form Guide:

    The Quokkas are in unchartered waters in regards to form, much like Odysseus, though facing less in the way of Circe and more in the way of actual wins and competitive play.


    With a strong and consistent side, spirits are high and the spoils (if available) are there for the taking. Now I know how Achaeans felt at the siege of Troy.


    In the Spotlight:

    A founding Quokka, Pup makes his triumphant return this weekend at one of his equally-tolerated grounds. The man whose wardrobe seems inspired by Stephan Edberg is a true Quokka legend, with 47 appearances over 10 years.


    Team News:

    Having sent out the SOS for help for the rest of the season given increasing injuries and lack of interest, responses have been dramatic (in a Quokka way) with the following available as of the time of writing:

    1. Big Dog
    2. Dutchy
    3. Radar (w/k)
    4. J Rod ©
    5. Alex
    6. Jay
    7. Pup
    8. Pups mate
    9. SPECIAL
    10. Sizzle
    11. The Animal
    12. Nimble


    Pitch and Conditions:

    Cox Oval is a shithole of the highest order. Nestled out the back of a series of proper cricket grounds, it is neighboured on all sides by wild bush, snakes and bunyips. I’m not saying that the scrub needs to be bulldozed to allow for cricket grounds, but surely there needs to be a point where you give up on one idea and let the other win? Or is that Donald Trump speaking? Forgive me.


    A cloudy day with a predicted top of 25, so it should make for a fun 5 hours outdoors.

    Stats and Trivia:

    • My intern is recovering from a bizarre workplace accident this week and so stats are unavailable


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