• Match Facts:

    Ground TBC





    The Big Picture:

    This is the last YPCA game of the season for the Quokkas, in what has been a scarcely recognizable Summer, and not just because the country is on fire and the air is full of smoke.


    After playing a few new pubs this year and some re-modelled ones, its nice to finish off against one of our oldest “rivals” in The Curtin Hotel.


    The Quokkas have played a number of really enjoyable games against the “Beefies” over the years, not least the one in which I ran a four, but more on that later.


    This game has taken on particular meaning of late, becoming a tribute for one of the Curtins founding members; Owen – who sadly (and prematurely) passed two years ago.


    With this in mind, we will go into the game looking to wrap up a great season in the YPCA with some old friends.


    Form Guide:

    If you told me last October that The Quokkas would be 5-1 going into our last game, I probably would have told you that was inconceivable, yet here we are.

    To top this off, the boys in the baggy maroons had their lowest score of the season last week (173) but still managed to win by 90 runs.

    Going alright.


    In the Spotlight:

    I mentioned earlier about the time I ran a 4 and the really crazy thing about it was that it was at the postage stamp of a ground on Alfred Crescent. The 4 was struck, memorably enough, by Rowdy who went on to score 87* off 23 deliveries that day.


    So great was his innings that our opponents of that day, The Curtin, have been asking nervously of his whereabouts every time we have played them since.


    And so it happens that the loud one makes his comeback agaist the same opposition, looking to add to his 355 runs at 50.7 (it should be noted that I am now up to 352 runs…at 14), 26 fours, 22 sixes and 7 wickets at 25.


    Team News:

    The week began with heartbreaking news; J Rod was out. It’s the sort of thing that really separates the weak from the strong in showing ones adversity. How would we manage? Who would fill the self selecting and vote giving hole that suddenly appeared in our lives without warning?


    In happier and possibly unrelated news, a plethora of Quokkas have suddenly made themselves available since J Rods out was announced. I’m fully expecting a few drop outs during the week and we may well need to go with a few ‘bowling only’ players, but the squad (at the time of writing), is:

    1. Sandy
    2. Flanders
    3. Pup
    4. Rev ©
    5. Rowdy
    6. Nimble
    7. VP
    8. Local
    9. Ed
    10. Dutchy
    11. Radar
    12. Sizzle
    13. Special
    14. Jay
    15. Big Dog
    16. Pete “The Animal” Sforcina


    Pitch and Conditions:

    With local veterans teams and other groups that are more important than us in the finals, ground availability is a little skewy at the moment. I will update on where we will be playing asap.


    The weather should be lovely though.


    Stats and Trivia:

    • Radar has 592 career YPCA runs, needing only 8 more to get to 600. Given he averages 18 for his career and is seeing it like a beach ball this year, he could well get there in a couple of balls.
    • Sizzle is on 49 runs scored for the season. Should he do so, he will be the 10th Quokka this season to score 50 or more runs.
    • The competition for this seasons leading run scorer and wicket taker is close. Very close.





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