• Match Facts:

    Sunday, January 15th 2017

    Alfred Cres



    12pm start – not 1pm!



    Modified T20 Rules:

    • No LBW
    • No out on first ball
    • No dangerous balls (bouncers at the head, full tosses above the waist)
    • No wides (bowl again with no penalty)
    • Everyone bowls 2 overs (keeper can opt out)
    • Batsmen retire at the end of the over they reach 20 runs



    The ASRC is looking for Donations to help its on-going programs, if you are able, please bring along any of the following to the game and we will make sure it gets to them:



    The Big Picture:

    Welcome to 2017. For those that missed 2016, The Quokkas played cricket in Sri Lanka and Australia, played mixed games, pub league games, games against blind and deaf opponents, and had a thoroughly good time all-round.


    The first game for the Quokkas in 2017 is the annual match against the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre (ASRC) at Alfred Crescent Oval, one of The Quokkas favorite opponents at one of their favorite grounds.


    This game allows the Quokkas do what they do best, which is provide the opportunity to smash some fairly terrible cricketers to people that normally don’t have the chance to.


    The corresponding fixture last season saw a fairly comprehensive defeat for the Quokkas, with one of the ASRC batsmen scoring a handy 50 after scoring an unbeaten 100 in a match earlier that morning. Fair effort.


    Regardless, this game is pure Quokka, providing a game of cricket to those that may otherwise not have the opportunity. Many thanks to the good people at the Yarra Pub Cricket Association for organizing the ground.


    Form Guide:

    To be perfectly honest, the Quokkas are in pretty ordinary form this season.


    They won the first game of the season before losing the next four, though not all by the widest of margins.


    While in good form with the bat this season (6 players average 20 or more), the fielding has been the let down, particularly the catching. It’s a good thing we don’t count drops as my abacus doesn’t go that high (it’s a crapacus).


    20 catches have been held in 4 YPCA games this season, but at least that many again have gone down. The ASRC would do well to aim at the fielders, or the fielders hands if possible.


    In the Spotlight:

    While not leading the club for Runs (with 58), strike rate (1.04), or wickets (2), Ed is the leading catcher for the season with 4.


    Shame on all of us.


    He will be looking to take his good form from last years game against the ASRC, where his Tony Greig-inspired helmet was debuted to good effect, enabling him to hook bouncers from in front of his face over the fine leg fence.

    Artists impression of Ed sans-helmet. We really need a new artist.

    Artists impression of Ed sans-helmet.
    We really need a new artist.


    Cat comes in for her third game of the season, batting in Big Dogs place, enabling him to focus on adding to the wickets he has snared this season.


    Cat is possibly one of the best placed to face the ASRCs fast bowlers with her excellent technique, and should benefit from the short boundaries; 36% of her YPCA runs come from fours.


    Team News:

    The XI for this game (at the time of writing) is (in no particular order):

    1. Ed
    2. Big Dog / Cat
    3. Dutchy
    4. Tuesday
    5. Ren
    6. Local
    7. Snipper
    8. J Rod
    9. Rev
    10. Jay
    11. Nickname AW


    Pitch and Conditions:

    While Alfred Crescent is a lovely spot, surrounded by parkland, laughing children and working toilets (a miracle in the Pub League), it is also the size of a postage stamp.


    This usually means less running for the batsmen, but it is a risk with the ASRC batsmen seemingly able to hit the boundary just by taking guard.


    Expect a lot of runs and dead possums.


    Its supposed to be 26 degrees this Sunday with the chance of a shower, so anything could happen going by the weather so far this summer. Expect 20 metres of snow and a possible sharknado.

    Still better than facing the ASRCs quicks

    Still better than facing the ASRCs quicks


    Stats & Trivia:

    • This match will be Big Dogs 65th appearance for The Quokkas, easily the highest among the uncommitted cricketers in maroon
    • It will also be a milestone game for Snipper and Nick, their 20th and 15th appearances for the Quokkas respectively
    • The Big Dog is averaging a wicket every 2.39 overs, so it’s a shame he will only get the 2 this week
    • After breaking his season drought in the last game with 2 wickets, Jay moved into the 11 wicket club with; Mo, Radar, Robbo and……Snipper
    • Other notable 11s include Big Dog (again) who has 11 not outs and Nickname AW who has 11 innings
    • Local is (characteristically) a man-apart with 12 wickets

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