• Resplendent Quokkas

    Match Facts

    MLQCC v Rainbow Hotel

    13th February, 2011

    12.30 (be there at 12.00)

    Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill


    The Big Picture

    After coming up against their first established ‘competitive’ side in the league, the Quokkas were able to get a better feeling for where they are in the competition.  Early feedback suggests that the club is unsurprised with this position.

    The Rainbow promises to be an equally tough contest, with the boys in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet rumoured to spend their Saturdays playing club cricket.  The other rumour is that they spend their Saturdays hand washing their carefully assembled ensemble. 

    Well, it’s a rumour now.

    This is the first Quokka game since our initial hit-out in which we haven’t hosted the game, making this a Litmus test of our ability having the burden of BBQing lifted from our enormous shoulders.

    Form Guide

    Quokkas LWWWL

    Watch out for

    After noticing that Shane Watson is regarded as the best cricketer not wearing grey and maroon in the country, the Quokkas brain trust have moved Dutchy/Mason up the order to bring more run-outs and moisturising product to the top order. 

    Team news

    After spending the last few months exhaling steam in the outfield whenever he saw a field placement he didn’t like, J Bomb has been appointed captain for this game.  Expect the mantle of responsibility to rest easy.

    The response to this game has been mute with Cath, Rob and Chooka yet to confirm attendance.  As always, there are plenty of opportunities to change the order.

    The Rev has survived a net session with Mrs Rev (she only *mostly* beat the bat) on Sunday afternoon and has declared himself fit.  He is looking to have another net on late Saturday afternoon @ Edinburgh gardens if anyone wants to join.

    Quokkas (possible)

    1. Ed
    2. Rev
    3. Dutchy
    4. J Bomb (c)
    5. Gregor
    6. Mo
    7. Jazzron (wk)
    8. Big Dog
    9. Pup
    10. Horse
    11. Bad Boy
    12. 12.   Chooka  – The Enigma 

    Others – Rob Seddon, Cath


    “What about Darragh?” – Ed, on being asked who our best WAG is

    Other News

    • I am putting in a new shirt order for Gregor (m), Bad Boy (xl), Dutchy (L) and Mrs Mo (s) – let me know if I’ve missed anyone.
    • Our famous subs have gone to work and bought a team bat & set of pads and gloves;
    • Net session late Saturday afternoon in Edinburgh gardens if anyone is keen – contact the Rev;
    • Once again, subs will be $10 – this will go towards more kit & the end of year presentation night (WAGs: get your fake tan on);

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