• Match Facts

    January 13, Alphington Park Oval (between the Dog training school and the Bowling Club)

    Start Time: 1300 (ish)


    Big Picture

    The Quokkas are in their 3rd full season in the YPCA, not including a one-off game 4 years ago against the might of Bar Open which was used to gauge their suitability.  While the Quokkas lost that match, they were granted access to the league and are now pitted against one of its founding members.


    The Rose has consistently been one of the most successful teams of the YPCA, with rumours circulating that Michael Di Venuto once turned out for them and hit 36 in an over.


    While there are (apparently) no Italian internationals playing for them anymore, The Rose remains a consistent force in the league.  The Quokkas, in contrast, remain a hit-or-miss mob.  They have won 3 of 7 contests so far in the 2012/13 season (including the tour match), scoring over 200 runs in the games they have won and approximately 120 in the games they have lost.  Surely this cant all be related to Rowdy’s availability?


    This match will enable the Quokkas to see how they fare against some of the leagues old-hands, on and off the pitch.


    Form Guide

    Quokkas: LLWLWWL


    In the Spotlight

    The Phantom was the forgotten man of the 2011-12 season, so much so that he didn’t get a vote or even a mention at the end-of-season review.  While his turn out this season has been dramatically impacted by parentitis (which is spreading through the squad like wildfire, cross your legs Morts and Cupsy!), he is averaging an impressive 58 with the bat and has a career average of 18.5 with the ball at 5.75 runs per over.  As a previous member of The Rose, we will be expecting him to celebrate his birthday in style.


    Team News

    The Quokkas rotation policy means that good performers such as Pup, Gladys, Dutchy and J Rod will sit this one out, giving an opportunity to other sufferers of parentitis; Mo, Paris (severe case), Rev and Robbo.

    1. Phantom
    2. Paris
    3. Robbo
    4. Mo
    5. Alex
    6. Rev (c)
    7. Emu
    8. Curto
    9. Cupsy
    10. Ed
    11. Big Dog



    “we heard that you blokes are writing a book about pub cricket, our blokes are fired up to give you a lesson in what its all about”

    –          Brett, The Rose Hotel


    “I made my pub cricket debut for the Rose before I was poached by the Rev for the Quokka army. Their loss is… well, yours too.”

    –          The Phantom, LiV QCC


    “ain’t nobody got time for that”

    –          Sweet Brown

    Posted by Rev @ 6:13 am

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