• Match Facts:

    LiV Quokkas v The HATED Dan O’Connell



    Fairfield Park, Fairfield

    The Big Picture:

    After fielding arguably their strongest team yet and hitting a blistering 155 in the first innings of their last game, the Quokkas were unable to defend the total, only taking 1 wicket for the match.

    If ever there was a reason to get angry and attack the sticks it is this: a match against their mortal and bitter and mortal enemy – The Dan O’Connell.  Some Quokkas may fondly remember the last time these two mortal and bitter and mortal enemies locked horns, with only the opening of the heavens saving the Dan from an inevitable Quokka victory and nudey run around the boundary.  Thank god for rain.

    This game also presents the Quokkas with the ability to go into the xmas break with a 50:50 record and a nice victory to talk endlessly about on the 25th.

    Form Guide:

    Quokkas: W-LL

    Watch out for:

    §  Big Dog – Big Dog is Captain for this game. The Big Dog was instrumental against the Dan in last years game, taking 2 key wickets.  He is also only 8 runs away from 50 career runs with the Quokkas;

    Team News:

    §  For the first time this year, there are no debutants and plenty to choose from;

    §  Following on from the confusion, consternation and general contemplation of the score last week, we welcome back our beloved Sarina to take care of the mighty pen;

    Quokkas (possible)

    1.       Emu

    2.       Big Dog (c)

    3.       Dutchy

    4.       Radar

    5.       J Bomb

    6.       Robbo

    7.       Mo

    8.       Marty

    9.   Curto

    10.   Rowdy

    11.   Rev

    13.   Bad Boy (enigma )

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