• Match Facts:

    Sunday, December 4

    Alphington Oval



    The Big Picture:

    The sun is finally starting to shine in Melbourne, some have suggested it’s to do with the State election being done with, but those aren’t my words.

    While the incumbent Government have been returned to power, The Quokkas are returning to the lush surrounds of Alphington Oval to take on The Pinnacle Hotel. It’s been quite a while since we played “the pinny” but we’ve had some fun in the past and here’s hoping for a lot more.

    Form Guide:

    After starting the season with a surprising and elating win against The Royston, The Quokkas balloon was not just punctured but torn asunder against our old friends from The Curtin Hotel.

    We haven’t faced off against The Pinnacle in some time, the last time we did was a game in which Pup and the Big Dog played, and given that one of these has been on the injury list as “Foot – under observation” for about 4 years and the other has been on the unavailable list as “Umpiring” says something.

    Not much is known about how they are travelling this season, I mean I could probably look it up on Facebook, but the Test is on.

    In the Spotlight:

    The President of King Island takes on a new title this week; “Captain”.  Jordan has been a very, very welcome addition to the team; swinging the new ball around, encouraging teammates and generally causing consternation about what her cricketing background is (or isn’t?).

    Team News:

    A fair amount of confusion regarding availability at this stage of the season, which is pretty normal considering some of the other events that happen at this time (Sheffield Shield, Geocaching events etc) but we do have an XI at the time of writing:

    1. Oscar
    2. El Pres (c)
    3. Dutchy
    4. Radar (w/k)
    5. Jay
    6. Alex
    7. The Animal
    8. Rev
    9. TimBChapman
    10. Big Dave
    11. TimBChapmans mate

    Pitch and Conditions:

    We are back to the lovely Alphington Oval this Sunday. Young Oscar asked me during the week if we are playing at the same ground as his last game and I really hope his expectations around YPCA grounds isn’t being set incorrectly.

    Looking like it could be a bit warm this Sunday, hitting 30 after 29 the day before, so it could be a bit dry underfoot.  Keep hydrated people.

    Stats and Trivia:

    • Big Dave took 3 wickets in his last game, which has only been done by a Quokka twice before, here’s hoping he gets a few more poles;
    • Dutchy is still sitting on 49 YPCA wickets.  Boring;
    • This will be Jays 60th match for the Quokkas (41 YPCA, 5 BDNOs, 11 T20s, 2 in Sri Lanka) – 6th most appearances overall

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