• Match Facts:

    Alphington Park Oval,

    b/w Parkview Road and View Street,




    The Big Picture:

    The impending end of the ICC Mens T20 World Cup this weekend (is it this weekend? It feels like it’s never ending) should bring joy to the hearts of cricket-tragics everywhere, its only the start of November and the real stuff is just getting started.

    Some would argue that the real stuff got started months ago with the Matador Shield competition being kicked off on Karen Rolton Oval, but neither of them were answering their phone, so no more to be ventured or gained on that front.

    All eyes will be on Alphington Park Oval this Sunday as The Quokkas take on old friends, The John Curtin Hotel.  Somewhat ironically – or perhaps appropriately – The Curtins existence is being threatened by property developers, which should reaffirm your political beliefs if nothing else does.

    The Curtin are one of the few teams we have a trophy match against, the prize of which currently sits on their shelves thanks to a classic match.  Actually, you could do worse than spend your free time in revisiting some of our past encounters, there are some classics in there.

    Here’s hoping for another!

    Form Guide:

    The Quokkas are coming off a rare win against The Royston; piling on 206 runs, largely through the help of Radars 83, and holding a very good team to 177 through an excellent bowling and fielding performance.

    While consistency in Pub Cricket is as hard to find as a free pint, The Quokkas are heading into this game with more than a little pep in their collective step. Or is that pop in their hop?

    In The Spotlight:

    TimBChapman advised me some weeks ago that he has a “massive wedding” the night before, and so has been promoted to Captain.  Should be good fun in the humidity.

    But in all seriousness, the bloke has been a wonderful addition to the club, laughing at my jokes and our general attempts at cricket. 

    Team News:

    Without wanting to jinx us too much, we begin this week with a more than full complement for the Game Sunday.  With my left shoulder suddenly doing over-40 things, I’m happy to take my position as a scorecard specialist and possible extra fielder if / when required.  Ed has also adopted the position as specialist swing bowler, discarding the vulgaries of batting, so we should be Ok to get everyone a go.

    The squad, at the time of writing, is (in no particular order):

    1. Tim B Chapman (c)
    2. Prez
    3. F1
    4. Oscar Canning
    5. Dutchy
    6. Radar (w/k)
    7. Alex
    8. VP
    9. Pete Wells
    10. J Rod
    11. Ed
    12. The Rev*

    Pitch and Conditions:

    Alphington is possibly the nicest ground in the YPCA, though that is to be properly tested later in the season when we take on the Vic Hotel.  That being said, that game will be played once Summer has properly started and the grounds have been baked. 

    Alphington should, at the time being, be its lovely lush self and offer no reprieve from the expected humidity Sunday as the dew evaporates under the afternoon heat.

    Good times for sweat enthusiasts.

    Stats and Trivia:

    • Radar is obviously in pretty good nick, having hit 83 in the last game.  A little more interesting is that his first 31 came off 22 balls and the second 52 runs off…22 balls.  Amazing.  He’s also only 2 runs off 900 YPCA runs in total (avg 24.27) – well done that man;
    • F1 zooms back into this game having scored 75 YPCA runs, but does have an average of 25 – so should hit the 100 this weekend.  Statistically speaking.  He also has only conceded 49 runs from his bowling, a runs for:against of 1.53 – the best in the club for any player with more than 5 matches;
    • On the subject of runs, Ed is 3 off 1,300 YPCA runs in total and J Rod is sitting on 794 YPCA runs.  The man in the Maroon strides is also 1 wicket off 40 in total for his career.  Elite areas.

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