• Match Facts: Alfred Crescent Oval, Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy

    Time: 11am start (be there at 10:30)

    The Big Picture:

    The Big Day Not Out is the Yarra Pub Cricket Associations annual T10 knock out competition, enabling qualifying pubs and un-committed cricketers the chance to beat each other in even quicker time while participating in some very committed drinking.

    This years competition will be the 9th featuring the Quokkas, with Ed and Pup the only two players to have featured in all 8 so far (the Big Dog mysteriously being absent for the 2013-14 fixture).

    Our first, and possibly only opponent, is The Rose Hotel whom we beat earlier in the season with Pup, Jay, Radar and Dutchy all getting in the runs and almost everyone taking a wicket (including Ami who was a little late in getting to the ground).

    The Quokkas will be kicking off their participation at their spiritual home, Alfred Crescent Oval (Edinburgh Gardens), in what is likely to be there last match at the venue as it is being turned into a dog park. Here’s hoping the smaller canines better luck on it.

    Form Guide: Quokkas (most recent last): WLWWLWL

    Team News:

    Despite having a pretty deep list all season, The Quokkas have only scraped together XII for this game. Having won the award for Best Player at last seasons BDNO, Dutchy will be captain, so I dare say Radar will have at least 9 overs of ‘keeping duties.

    The team, at the time of writing, is:

    1. Ed
    2. Ami
    3. Big Dog
    4. Dutchy (c)
    5. Pup
    6. Snipper
    7. Jay
    8. The Animal
    9. Sizzle
    10. SPECIAL
    11. VP
    12. Radar

    In the Spotlight:

    It’s hard to pick out who is in the spotlight, with this being one of the best BDNO squads that the Quokkas have ever fielded. Plenty of efficient and wicket-taking bowlers, some big hitters and partnership builders and a team that has played together multiple times through the summer.

    Good luck, all.

    Pitch and Conditions:

    Alfred Crescent holds many happy, and unhappy, memories for The Quokkas. The barbecue in the neighbouring playground has seen many of our players get questioning looks from parents over the years, and it looks like this is all to come to an end. The small boundaries have seen some fairly glorious sixes hit by our batsmen and off our bowlers (who could forget The Phantom getting smashed into the neighbours front yard while bowling in bare feet?).

    Its going to be bloody hot the next few days (36+) before a storm breaks on Sunday night. Will this be like the storm in ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ that sees a change in fortunes for the people of Gotham? That is, will this be The Quokkas year?

    Probably not.

    Should be fun though.

    Stats and Trivia:

    • This will be Radars 49th Quokka appearance, meaning he will crack the big 5-0 in the next season – making him only the 5th Quokka to do so
    • This will be Dutchys 80th Quokka appearance, and the way he is racking up games he should get to 100 by sometime in April

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