• Match Facts:

    Sunday, March 17th

    Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy

    From 9am…Quokkas on from 11


    Big Picture:

    The Big Day Not Out (BDNO) could just as easily be called the Bittersweet Day Not Out (BDNO), as it marks the end of another summer season of social cricket and sledging of teammates while providing a great day out.  Once again the Quokkas will be hopping off to hibernate for the Winter after Sunday, with only the odd training session on sunny days drawing them into the light over the next 6 months.

    There is a record number of teams (14) in this years round-robin tournament, which has resulted in the day starting earlier than ever before.  The Napier and The Rose are amongst those kicking off the dew at the unbeknownst hour of 9am this Sunday.  Given that the team from The Rose was still waking and struggling to the ground at 1pm when the Quokkas played them this season, it should be interesting to see what sort of condition they arrive in.

    The Quokkas have drawn The Pinnacle Hotel and The Prince for their first match, starting at a more responsible time of 11am at their most familiar of grounds; Alfred Crescent.  The Quokkas were able to account for the Pinnacle earlier in the season thanks to some big hitting from The Big Dog and Curto (believe it or not) and only lost to The Prince by 1 wicket, with Curto taking one in the snozz and the Big Dog being chewed up like bamboo by The Panda.

    Big Dogs Nightmare

    The modified format of the BDNO round-robin stages does play to the Quokkas strengths (or should I say; “strength”), as the limited number of big-hitting batsmen only have 10 overs to stick around, which is more than enough for most.  Further, the 10 overs of bowling means that poor performers only get 1 chance.

    This worked so well last year that The Quokkas actually made the semi finals.  What happened next on the field wasn’t worth repeating, though the squad and extended families all stuck-around to enjoy the cricket and each others company for the last time that Summer.  Apart from The Rev, he went home to a baby that just doesn’t seem to sleep.  His Mother calls it Karma.


    Form Guide:

    The Quokkas are coming off a mixed run of form, though plenty of cricket, so should be adequately familiar with the rudiments of the game come Sunday.  While it hasn’t been the most successful of seasons for the Quokkas, they have been close on most occasions and played more games this season than ever before (12!), which has also enabled the squad to gel (well, we pretty-much know each others names, apart from Dutchy who can’t seem to remember his own) and get *some* experience bowling, batting and fielding.

    There is a fairly even competition for the Quokkas bowling award this season and an obscene number of players who are nearing the 100-run mark for the season.  The trick now is to pull it all together on the day.

    The Quokkas Solution


    In the spotlight:

    Emu has enjoyed a season with the Quokkas with more ups and downs than the roller coaster at Luna Park.  The Quokkas have had as many passengers in the team too.  After leading all scorers last season & averaging 97.5 with the bat, he has fallen away in 2012-13, possibly believing his own hype that he is now a “fast bowler”.  The big Mu had a Barrry Crocker in last seasons BDNO, taking home the Leon Davis award for worst performance under pressure.  He will be looking to do a Gloria Estefan and “turn the beat around”.

    Similarly to Emu, Dutchy was most unfortunate at last years BDNO to be run out for a diamond duck.  The Dutchman is in form with the bat this season and will be looking to strike anything in his hitting zone out of the park.

    The Big Dog was the Quokkas player of the BDNO last year, with crucial wickets and a handy batting partnership with Ed in the semi final.  A big game player, “the Dog” will be barking this Sunday.


    Team News:

    An injury cloud is hovering over the team, with Pup and Cupsy both in doubt.  A sure blow to the men in maroon with one of their all-time leading wicket-takers and this seasons “find” big losses on the seasons big day.  Further; Mo and J Bomb are out with family commitments while Paris, Phantom, Robbo, Rev, Gladys and Big Dog are ignoring their families for the last time this summer to get out of the house and smash some cans.

    Another product of The Quokkas parenting school

    There is sure to be some competition over who will get to wear the gloves on the day, with no less than 6 of the squad having performed the duties behind the pegs at some point. Not only does this allow one the chance to sledge ones own teammates without pause, it also provides a license to not run anywhere.

    1. Ed
    2. Darragh
    3. Phantom
    4. Paris
    5. Robbo
    6. Dutchy
    7. Radar
    8. Curto
    9. Emu
    10. Morts
    11. J Rod
    12. Gladys
    13. Rowdy (c)
    14. Rev



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