• It was hot and our form coming in to the game wasn’t. So instead of running you through the entire game here’s the highlights
    1 – The red hot form of Cruizer, top score and 2/11 with the wickets being caught at slip and the keeper
    2 – The return of 2011 Robbo both with the ball AND with this comment “that guy with the dreadlocks looked quite sexy when he was lying on the ground (umpiring at square leg)” – no doubt he invited him back for a spa
    3 – Debutante Frosty fielding. Great catch and run-out, unfortunately of 1st balls
    4 – The Mu impersonating Curto by top edging the ball into his face, wedding soon perhaps?
    5 – Shotgun taking a catch, surprising everyone including himself
    6 – The Rev’s bowling – 1/6. Caught Shotgun, bowled Rev – most unlucky dismissal of all time
    7 – My captaincy – twice I moved a fielder and few balls later a catch went straight to them
    8- The food at half time, tacos!
    All this though pales into insignificance with the highlight of the game, possible season in one play….a simple catch was put up at short midwicket off the Rev. The Rev and Canty both go for it, Canty drops it. The striker has run, the non-striker hasn’t, both batsman standing together, Canty 5m away from the stumps…….throw goes over Emu’s head (keeping at the time) who then turns around and throws the gloves on the ground in disgust. Dutchy and Big Dog on the ground in tears in the offside. Welcome to the Quokkas Canty.
    John Curtin – 173 (Cruizer 2/11, Rev 1/6, Emu 1/16, Frosty 1/14)
    Quokkas – 128 (Cruizer 22, Ed 21, Dutchy 15, Dog 13, Emu 0 & 18*)
    A 49 run loss, but there was plenty of free beer and good tunes going at the Curtin
    See you Sunday against the Pinnicle

    Posted by Rev @ 9:52 pm

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