• Following on from a ridiculously successful 2018/19 summer, the (available) Quokkas got together to celebrate the season that was, count the votes and hand out some awards.

    The venue for the event was the Thornbury Local, who were generous enough to give us our own space and teach us how to use a projector.  Cheers!

    Some Quokka technology

     Quokka technology

    The Sizzle was the big winner on the night, being declared a ‘top bloke’ by the squad, though an investigation is underway to determine whether the 3 jugs he bought influenced opinions.

    Aside from Sizzle, the other winners included:

    • Dutchy – most runs and most wickets (again)
    • Radar – best player at the Big Day Not Out (so Captain next season)
    • Snipper and Dutchy – shared B&F winner (Snip the only Quokka to have won it twice)
    Happy Snipper

    Happy Snipper

    Congrats all to another great season and here’s looking forward to next Summer!


    Go Dees


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