• If it ever stops raining in blighty we might get some games in, though this year’s tour to Portugal should  provide some sun at least and hopefully an actual track to play on.

    2012 Fixtures

    With work, holidays and future Quokka childcare taking up valuable Sundays from our existing players, and with the Shandyman scheduled to defect back to his motherland mid-season, the Quokkas are on the lookout for more players for 2012. If you appreciate the social aspect of the game, can play cricket hold a bat the right way round and have a passing acknowledgement of the rules* then the Skip is after you.

    Our first Sunday game is versus the RV Strollers in Greenford this week and with no Ashes or T20 action so far this year due to inclement environmental conditions, fear of falling to the mighty Mellan from batting rustiness is high. A maiden win for the Quokkas in this fixture last year gave us a good start to the season and any opportunity to wind up the highly-strung French surely shouldn’t be missed.

    Team selection for Strollers thus far:

    • Egg
    • Skip
    • Smithers
    • Fagberg
    • Evil Dave
    • Rage
    • Gymnast
    • Tom the Yank

    We still have a few spots open on the team so contact the Skipper if you fancy a game either this weekend or later in the season here.

    *not strictly necessary


    EDIT: So much for the preview. Despite the nice weather this weekend, match is off due to waterlogged pitch. Bugger.

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  • After finishing the season a meer three days ago, the Quokkas were scratching around for something to do on summer weekends. And what better way to fill the void in our lives left  by the lack of regular opponents than with more cricket! T20 captain Ivan the Terrible has lined up British Gas to be flame grilled, Quokka style.

    We are playing a week on Saturday 20th at Palewell Common. Let Skip know if you are available for selection.

  • Strollers CC 141-6 beat Quokkas CC 76 all out (SImon D 22, Hassan 20no) by 65 runs

    The Quokkas natural habitat is a warm temperature climate in long grass or shrub land, and not cold, windy and rainy pitches in May. Maybe that is why, despite limiting the Strollers below 200 for the firsttime ever, the Quokkas batted like garbage. Worst performance EVAR.

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  • Good turnout by the Quokkas for the St Anne’s quiz night last Wednesday.
    The Binman offered up some truly rubbish answers but was on the whole forgiven by The Verger. They were joined by fellow team members Skip, Egg, Gymnast and Evil Dave to place a respectable 7th. Certainly respectable after Skip let slip that St Annes CC is actually an old-boys club for those who attended the Oxford college of the same name…
    Quokkas won the spot prize for a round where they were the only team in the room not to score 10/10, after failing to remember a character from Catch 22 (despite a massive clue and 3 of the team having read it).

  • On the eve of the Quokkas 2010 campaign it’s time to invoke the spirit of cricinfo and reflect on the fortunes of last season in statistical analysis form. Starting with the obvious and yet traditional measures we see some new names on the quokka roll of honour

    Leading batsmen – Quokkas 2009:

    1. Shandy  –  251 runs @ at an average of 35.9
    2. Hairdresser  –  170 runs @ 24.3
    3. Skip  –  167 runs @ 23.9

    Leading wicket-takers:

    1. Skip  –  11 wkts @ at an average of 12.3
    2. The Attack  –  8 wkts @ 13.4
    3. =Egg  –  7 wkts @ 28.4
      =Smithers  –  7 wkts @ 30.7

    The Skip also bore the most workload with 50 overs bowled, closely followed by Evil Dave (45) whom conceded the most runs (220).  Most miserly was Simon D, with an economy rate of 2 runs per over.  A suprise name for the title of strike bowler of 2009, as “Phil” Edmond just pipped the Attack with a season strike rate of 18 vs 18.75 balls

    The average quokka in 2009 played 4.5 matches, scored a total of 53 runs @ 13.4 and bowled 15 overs, conceding 73 runs, taking 2.5 wkts @ 29.3 

    Bowling first, the Quokkas conceded an average of 201 runs (ouch!) to the opposition while managing to score just 136 themselves when sent in first. The Quokkas, however, are not daunted by a large total to overhaul as our win percentage was higher when chasing rather than defending (33% vs 20%).  Those looking for omens or portents of quokka good fortune from 2009 could do worse than keep an eye out for the following:

    • The Binman is in the wickets  –  75% Quokka win ratio when Smithers claims at least one wicket, 0% when he bowls filth and doesn’t bag anything
    • Unleashing the angry beast  –  If Evil Dave gets into double figures, the Quokkas win 66% of all matches. If path of righteousness restricts him it’s only 14%
    • Something for the weekend – The Hairdresser is our poshest classiest batsmen, but where in the order is he most effective?
      • Opening – 6 runs @ an average of 6
      • No. 4 – 110 runs @ 36.7
      • No. 5 – 28 runs @ 14
      • No. 6 – 26 runs @ 26
    • Catches win matches – Average number of wickets taken by Quokka bowlers in victory = 6.67. Average number taken in defeat = 5.25

    In the all-time Quokka hall of fame, Skip risked incurring the wrath of the Mantis by becoming the leading runscorer, while the Attack held onto the position at top of the bowling charts despite dislocating  his shoulder playing  Twenty20

    All-time runscorers:

    1. Skip  –  610 runs @ 33.9
    2. Mantis  –  511 runs @ 26.9
    3. Hairdresser  –  403 runs @ 21.2

     All-time wicket-takers:

    1. The Attack  –  26 wkts @ 17.9
    2. Fatman  –  19 wkts @ 9.7
    3. Smithers  –  18 wkts @ 29.4

    Skip, Smithers and the Egg now share the accolade for most capped Quokka (soon to be marked with actual caps! – stay tuned) on 23 appearances apiece.

    Stay loose stat fans and catch you on the flip-side

  • The Victorian Quokkas are continuing to prepare for the summer with games being lined up against Phillip Island CC, French Island CC, a Loch Sport XI and the ‘Big Match’ XI.

    The Committee has also been in touch with Cricket Victoria (CV) and we are looking to have games against some of the towns impacted by the bushfires last year, enabling them to get a game (though of poor standard!) and enabling us to see their towns and meet the good people themselves. CV are also looking for us to play in some social games against new migrants to Australia, lets hope that doesn’t include the touring West Indian / Pakistani teams!

    Our chosen charity for the summer is going to be Action This Day (www.actionthisday.org.au), which looks to combat extreme poverty in Kenya. We are looking for opposing teams to make a contribution &/or assist in raise awareness about the cause.

    We had our first ‘net session’ for the summer last week, despite the involvement of the unpredictable Melbourne weather, and the signs were looking promising. Young Gregor had good zip with the ball, Nick looked like a wall with the bat, Jeremy was thinking and even the Rev managed to get some bounce!

    Net sessions and fixtures to be advertised on the site asap, please drop us a line if youre interested in joining us or learning more about us!

  • Spotted in Thailand by Smithers.

    The Quokka Bar!

    Smithers and ladyboys not present.


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