• Fairlea West oval is a new ground to the likes of Pub Cricket and it was a nice deck near a mental asylum. Having awoken at 9:00 to the text from Rev saying I had to find two players, I was feeling the pressure of captaincy, Kim Hughes style.

    With Phantom getting his British mate, Alex (Beano) in and Pup shrugging off injury, added to Local making his debut; we had an XI. Ed and Dutchy started off well, with Dutchy powering an unbeaten 30. I would later make it a 26.  Ed pushed then pounded, hitting some great shots…which when straight to fielders, but by Drinks had an unbeaten 31. Local came and went, his rustiness proving tough to shake. Phantom was hardly sighted, J-Rod was elevated up the order. He watched Emu get bowled by a quality inswinger. I began to feel the pressure of captaincy, Alastair Cook style.
    Alex (Beano) combined with J-rod and pounded a Flintoff-esque 27. Big Dog came and went searching for the big hit. J-rod was out on a handy 17 which included a well struck heaving six, leaving Pup facing the death over. Being on strike for 5 balls Pup made 17 lifting our total to 153. I was a smallish ground and we were about 15 runs short. It was interesting to note that 4 players in their team were newbies unaware of the no-LBW rule and as I umpired and continually waved LBW appeals away (Dutchy, Ed, Local were main offenders, and Big Dog of course) these blokes must have thought I was an @rsehole. That was pressure, Kevin Pietersen style.
    Big Dog opened our cause after another quality Dutchie Bike BBQ. The dog created 2 great chances, unfortunately the captain had not put a fielder where they landed! Robbo bowled very well without result. Local came on to bowl quality off peg line and Alex Beano also bowled well. With wickets hard to come by eventually sharp fielding yielding a run out, then Ed tossed down a vicious zooter like delivery, which gave new wicket keeper Emu his first stumping of the day. Battered arm and shaved head Pup came on to bowl some old school swing.
    Pitched up and shaping, he would end with figures of 1/8 off 3 overs. with some 12 runs to defend off 18 balls, I turned to Shotgun and J-Rod. Shotgun had bowled superbly capturing 3/15 with a wicket maiden in there. Approaching the last over it was still a run a ball stuff, and I was feeling the pressure of captaincy. Luckily, a sky ball popped up to long on, and as captain all I could do was run 40 metres at full tilt, make perfect position, fingers up and take a perfect coaching manual catch. Of course, I could have always left it to Robbo, who would have to have taken three steps for the same result.
    Down to last, an unfortunate overthrow gifted them a boundary and the Funf boys grated through with 6 balls to spare. I am happy that we took last years BDNO champions all the way. Of course, we were missing Rev, so we will beat them in the finals.


    Play of the day: Pups 5 balls  (0,4,5,4,4)
  • Labour in Vain v Sentido Funf.

    After coming off a big win in the rematch with “The Curtin”, a game where Rev won his hat back. (And hit that MAGNIFICENT cover drive.) Did you guys see that cover drive? CLASSIC!

    We won the toss & sent Sentido in to bat. After the Xmas break it seemed the Quokkas were a little rusty with the ball.

    After a few tight overs from our opening bowlers Dutchy & Emu, the runs started to flow for Sentido. Even with a great effort from Big Dog who stopped a certain boundary with his face, the runs kept coming. Once Big Dog had got back to his feet & we saw how much blood was coming out of his nose, the reaction was like he had leprosy, no one wanted to touch him. With Curto’s ‘wife to be’ being a doctor who was sitting on the hill, and because there was too much blood & not enough sympathy on the field. Ed’s advice was to get him off quick.

    With Big Dog off injured we had a great sub fielder in young Sammy Curtain who saved a number of boundaries for us. And showed us he has a great arm too. With that sort of talent he won’t be a Quokka for long.

    We bowled without luck (Or was it skill?) and had a few dropped chances in the field, before Pup broke through with our first & second wickets in the 15th over. Even with the breakthrough we couldn’t stop the momentum of the big hitting Sentido batsmen who hit 10 sixes & 17 fours by the end of their innings.

    With Pup’s 3rd wicket (5 including free hit wickets) & some late wickets from Ed & Robbo, we went to the long break with a target of 221 to win.

    After the BBQ & some debate over the batting line up, I sent Dutchy & Robbo out to open with the bat. This being the second game where Dutchy opened with both bat & ball, it seemed his confidence was high. With a run rate of almost nine an over to win we needed a good start.

    With Robbo facing & getting a second ball duck, we weren’t off to the best start. Gladys was still padding up while Robbo was walking off so he didn’t get much of a break. But he still managed to smash 11 off the first over. By the end of the 3rd over he was on 27 and Dutchy had only faced 1 ball.

    With a bit of strike, Dutchy raced to 18 from only 10 balls & was looking in fine form. Was this going to be another Dutchy 18? With the end of the over & Gladys back on strike, we would all have to wait & see. Gladys now on 29 & hitting 8 off the over, he retired on 37 for a well deserved break.

    With his retirement, out came Emu who skyed his first ball & was caught at mid wicket. With me being padded up & my attention to detail not the best, I thought it was Dutchy out for another 18. I had already picked my gloves up & was about to walk out before Rowdy informed me it was Emu’s free hit. After a few balls to get himself set, Emu teed off. Even throwing in a couple of proper crickets shots for good measure.

    With another boundary from Dutchy & a couple of 2’s, he was now on 27. He then worked his way to his first 30 with 3 singles. Congrats Dutchy on a great effort!

    That had this weeks captain walking out with 1 over left before the drinks break. With Emu on strike & on 13. We ran a hard 2 off the first ball of the over & Emu hit a 4 off the second. With a single from the 3rd ball, that put me on strike & Emu at the non strikers end on 20. With all the skill I could muster, I somehow put bat to ball & we ran a strategic single to put the big man back on strike with 2 balls remaining. With a Six & a Four off the last 2 balls he had his 30.
    After Emu & I put on a nice little partnership of 18 from the over, we went to the break in a good position at 1-108 & 3 retirees. At this stage things were looking promising.

    After the break, Pup & I walked out to continue with our run chase. With my earlier form in the nets I had big ambitions of making a quick fire 30. With the bowler coming off 3 steps I could picture the ball flying over the fence for my second six of the season. I had my fist pump ready to go! Then to my shock, a Wasim Akram-esk yorker came flying down the pitch & I only just managed to dig it out. It was at this point when I realised that my ambitions & capabilities were worlds apart. With the second ball of the over being a repeat of the first, my stumps exploded. After the effort of walking out to bat twice, I was back on the hill for 1.

    That put Mo in to bat. With my trusty Kookaburra having nothing else to do I gave it to Mo to see if he could get any more runs out of it. He got 10 runs from 8 balls before he was also bowled by Wasim. With Mo’s dismissal out came English Rob.

    Pup was still at the crease and starting to find some form with the bat following his great form with the ball. He hit a terrific pull shot that looked like a boundary for all money until he was somehow caught by Sentido’s shirtless captain.

    With Rob not wanting to open because of his slow run rate last time he opened against Sentido, he came in at number 8. With a huge swing & miss with his first ball I thought he had made a wise choice. Then with 3 boundaries from the next 3 balls & 5 in his knock of 27 at an impressive strike rate of almost 200. I was wondering what he was concerned about. (And happy birthday for Saturday too Rob.)

    With a run a ball 4 from Ed, Curto slipping & stumping himself while sweeping down to fine leg for what would have been a boundary, that had the injured Big Dog at the crease.
    As the Quokkas leading run scorer earlier this year before Rowdy’s record breaking 87, we had big expectations of the Dog! But he was soon stumped on 1.

    With Big Dog back in the sheds, we had our first 2 retirees of Gladys & Dutchy back in. Dutchy hit another boundary before being caught on 34.

    That left Gladys & Emu at the crease needing 27 runs from 12 balls for a victory. So we still had a chance of getting the win. With only a single from Emu before Gladys was caught out on a well made 52. We finished with Emu 44 not out & The Quokkas 26 runs short on 195.

    Match Facts.

    Sentido Funf 5/220. Pup 3-23 Robbo 1-20 Ed 1-23.

    LiV Quokkas 10/195. Gladys 52, Emu 44* Not out, Dutchy 34, English Rob 27.

    After the match the Sentido boys put on a few free beers which was good of them. And we were happy to drink them to show we are gracious in defeat.

  • Match Facts

    The Big Day Not Out


    Quokkas begin @ 12:15

    Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy

    The Big Picture

    And so another season of the YPCA comes to a close with only the showcase fixture, the Big Day Not Out (BDNO), yet to be played.  For those unfamiliar with the day, it involves 12 teams from the league who battle through a round-robin format to find a final winner.  As there is no league table, this is a bit like our version of the FA Cup.

    Being a new team to the league last year, the Quokkas had to field a combined side (with the Royal Derby) but will be a stand-alone side this time around.  The excitement among the ranks has been palpable, with an unprecedented number putting their hands up to play AND turning up to train.

    This excitement may need to be put in context, as the Quokkas have drawn Sentido Funf and the Tramways Hotel in the first round.  Sentido Funf won the tournament last year, though the Quokkas were able to overcome them for a 2-wicket win earlier this year.  The Tramways hotel overcame the Quokkas easily in a tense match earlier this year that will be remembered more for the ‘junkie’ incident than it will for the cricket played.

    The Quokkas are yet to get past the first round in this tournament, and being allocated the management of the Alfred Crescent Bar for the day, will be busy regardless.

    Form Guide

    Quokkas: WLL-L

    Watch out for:

    Emu – After dominating the scoring for the Quokkas this season, we are all looking forward to seeing what ‘the mew’ can do in front of the crowds in the shortened format;

    Rowdy – Has been handed the captains arm band for the day, seeing as though we probably need someone who knows *something* about cricket.  More interesting will be seeing if he says something/anything.

    Team News:

    With almost every player who has turned out for the Quokkas this season putting their hand up for a game, team management have the advantage of fielding  specialist batting and bowling fielding sides.

    Batting: Gladys, Emu, J Bomb, Rowdy, Dutchy, Snoop, Curto, Rob Seddon, Jazzron, Robbo, Ed

    Bowling: Robbo, Bad Boy, Rev, Ed, Big Dog, Pup, Mo, Rob Seddon, Rowdy, Snoop

    ‘Keeper: Curto

    Fielders: Dutchy, Ed, Big Dog, Pup, Mo, Rob Seddon, Gladys, Rowdy, Snoop


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