• A welcome return to my favourite category of post, “Good Injury”, Martin playing onto his face during a T20 match and requiring 4 stitches in A&E. If only there was a Doctor around to fix him up….


    Never fear victory was still achieved with only 6 fit Quokkas in the field!

  • Egg Bravery Award winner 2008, The Terrible, once again shows commitment to the Quokka cause by wearing one on the schnozzle

    Looks a bit soreTen rounds with Fred Trueman

    Good job it was the last T20 of the season for our courageous mid-week Captain


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  • Strong.
  • Proper swing bowling that was. Pitch it up.
  • Fabulous article which made us smile in the Spanish sunshine...
  • You forgot to mention Harry getting to bowl an over aswell. ...
  • Please see point 5.