• All round a great effort, and as Ed pointed out, we were robbed of victory by the rain.
    We arrived to find gale force winds and a very patchy playing surface at Fairfield, and as is our happy knack recently, had to field in the worst of the conditions.
    Good bowling effort from everyone, with special mention to the spin twins Ed (1 for 9 off 3 overs) and Jarrod whose mid innings spells dried up the runs and led to wickets. The Rev made a cameo appearance off the bench and managed to clean bowl a hapless batsman with his never before seen offspinner.
    Morty’s tight second over led to the dismissal of the innings. The batsman, faced with the prospect of a maiden over, took off for a cheeky single to Big Dog at short mid on. Big Dog whipped the relay throw all of 3 meters to Morty, who knocked the stumps down like he was Simon “The Wizard” Whitlock (the Aussie darts bloke). Radar cleaned up on of the openers in a fiery spell and Emu benefited from a sharp catch at mid off to round out the wickets.
    After dislocating his finger whilst fielding on the boundary and then popping it back in himself Bear Grylls style, J-bomb was immediately called on to bowl (nice one captain) and struggled for control, going for an impressive 23 runs off a 12 ball over.
    Curto had an outstanding day behind the stumps, not letting a single ball past him in very trying conditions.
    A few catches went down late in the innings, but ended up not being too costly, so 162 was the score to chase.
    Out strode Emu The Mentalist, our own answer to Davey Warner. The wonder bat became a distant memory as he cracked a chanceless 33 off 21, including 5 boundaries, one of which was the only straight 4 of the match. Curto provided the perfect foil at the other end, rotating the strike relentlessly on his way to 12 (all singles). Upon Emu’s retirement, he was joined by Radar, who kept the fancy scoreboard ticking along nicely, reaching 17 by the time the heavens opened.
    So we were going scoring at well over the required run rate with plenty of batting to come, certain victory denied!
    Last weeks high attrition rate continued with Morty pulling a back string and J-bomb’s aformentioned finger. Hope your are both healing up well boys.
    The only area where we were bested by the Curtin was back at the pub. Those lads showed up in force and looked like they weren’t leaving in a hurry. That should make our sponsors at The Labour in Vain happy anyway.
    It was a privilege to captain such a fine group of marsupials.
    Thanks to Sarina as always.
  • Match Report courtesy of our captain on the day, Dutchy…

    The first hit out for the Quokkas was to be against the Curtain, traditional rivals, in as much as we were playing against them and we had played them before. Hence the tradition.

    The Curtain threw the first tactical punch by turning up well before us and proceeded to warm up, whilst we were still in the process of, err, turning up.
    Not to be out done we stymied their naive efforts by denying them beer; a tactic obviously on target as they sulked around listlessly.

    New face Clamp and Jazzron opened the batting and gave us a solid start. Almost too solid, as memories of last season’s closer Tavare/Boycott efforts started to seep in and the natives were starting to get restless but Clamp and Jazz opened up and got the runs ticking. Greg soon followed and after Clamp finished off his masterful 41 with a Six, was joined by J-Bomb. These two then proceeded to liven things up with the willow.
    Gregor fell and I joined J-Bomb and from memory i was supporting J-Bomb’s efforts by trying to make him run three’s and four’s as often as possible.
    J-Bomb followed the team plan and also ended his knock with a Six.

    Rev and Rob kept things moving along and new faces Paris, Tiger and Curto did likewise.
    Pup got a golden duck but it shouldn’t count as it was to a bowler wearing 3/4 length jeans and a New Romantics haircut.

    A total of 133 which must be close to our highest score (that i know of?) and quite defendable.

    In the meantime Jazzron had been cooking up a storm and the team’s new signature dish, grilled dim sims, were introduced to Oooo’s and Aaaah’s. MasterChef Quokka award going to Sarina.

    We took the field, ignoring the Curtains’ whimperings about the heat.
    I decided to engage a captaincy masterstroke of only bowling our openers for one over each and keeping them for later in the game; a masterstroke i only became fully aware of when it was pointed out to me later in the game. We struck early, and then relatively regularly knocking over their top order and subduing the runs but the Curtain bit back and by halftime they had racked up 78. Things were looking tight. After drinks we spread the field outwards, inwards and sideways. This ply seemed to work, helped along by their best bat reaching 30 and leaving the arena.
    This allowed us to make inroads again and stem the flow of runs. The Curtain were choking under the pressure but required less than a run a ball. Tiger demonstrated why it IS wise to wear shoes whilst bowling, but not surfing. Their best bat soon returned after we had knocked over the tenth wicket and promptly proceeded to send a Jazzron thunderbolt down Paris’s throat on the deep leg boundary.

    The relief was palpable.
    Not so palpable to ‘il Capitano’ as I proceeded  to rev the team up in the middle to get the next wicket. Just one minor problem; Our victory had robbed us of the opportunity to take twelve-for!

    In summary, a great team effort. Consistency was the key, with some outstanding performances by Clamp and J-Bomb with the willow, Jazz with the gloves and the BBQ, Solid performances by the other rookies Curto, Paris and Tiger. More consistent bowling and fielding including some great catches by Pup and Paris plus two run-outs by the men wearing gloves (another Quokka innovation) brought the win home

  • Match Facts:
    LiV Quokkas v Curtin Hotel
    Fairfield Park, Fairfield (next to the TAFE)

    The Big Picture
    A new season, a new pub and some new faces all add to what is promising to be a huge summer of cricket for the Quokkas.

    With 10 games scheduled in the YPCL, as well as the Big Day Not Out, team management has been busy recruiting some fresh talent to get us through the summer, along with moving the team to a pub that has a publican who has actually expressed interest in the team.

    The corresponding fixture last year involved 2 members of the Tramways turning up 2 hours late & then forfeiting the game, giving us a good chance to have a warm-up and get to know each other.  The Quokkas accounted for the Curtin relatively easily last season, so it’d be good to start the season on a high again.

    Form Guide
    Quokkas – last appearance was being bundled out of the BDNO in straight sets

    Watch out for…

    • Luke “Curto” Curtain – one of the new recruits from the LiV FC, Curto has turned up to 2 of 2 trainings so far, impressing and confusing teammates in equal measure.  Capable behind the stumps and has shown promise with bat and ball, could be a valuable addition to our all-rounder category (bringing it to 1);
    • Andrew “Tiger” Ellis – another recruit from the FC, but not an FC, Tiger managed to impress all with his level of toughness by smashing his own knee during the footy season.  From the great state of NSW, tiger also adds to our diversity policy;
    • Jon “Rowdy” Clampett – something of an enigma, The Clamp is a mate of Curto’s who can apparently bat.  For this reason, we are letting him open with the Big Dog;
    • Pup – is on 46 career runs, can he score the 4 required to make his 50, or have I jut put the mozz on him?

    Team News

    • Three new faces coming in for this game to accompany the old hands;
    • Dutchy will be captain for this game;

    Quokkas (possible):
    1.       Paz
    2.       The Clamp
    3.       Jazzron (wk, unless knackered)
    4.       Pup
    5.       J Bomb
    6.       Gregor
    7.       Curto (wk, unless Jazzron is knackered)
    8.       Rev
    9.       Dutchy (c)
    10.   Tiger
    11.   Rob

    “So you’re the cricket team? You better bloody win and get some punters back here” – Roman Leopoldseder, Publican of the Labour in Vain greeting the team after training on Sunday

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