• Match Facts:

    November 21, 2021

    Fairlea East Oval


    1pm match start

    12:45 first can

    The Big Picture:

    In the immortal words of David Coverdale from Whitesnake; “Here I go again”.

    After a rather long and locked down Winter, followed by a Spring so wet that my local pool took a glimpse at it and said “that’s bloody wet”, we have arrived at the first match of Season 21/22.

    We had tried to get the season started last weekend with a net session, but again, it was rather wet. Again.

    It’s with great pleasure that we kick this season off against our old friends from The Clyde Hotel.  Our last encounter with them was in November last year in a game that we comprehensively lost, though it was great to go back to the rooftop bar at The Clyde and enjoy the best lightning show seen in Melbourne since Alan Donald took 6/59 at the MCG in 1997.

    With a big season ahead of us, The Quokkas are looking to engage with The Empress and our community more to help bring new players to the game and share the spoils.  We are very excited about our Publican, Pete coming into the side, as well as our new Ed. 

    The old Ed is back too.

    Still, it’s going to be great to get back out there and have some fun. Thanks all for helping make this happen.  That includes you, weather. 

    Form Guide:

    We have managed a few sneaky net sessions in which we learned that Local hasn’t missed a beat and that Old Ed can hit a ball over a fence, but not climb over the fence to get it back.

    Also, Dutchy can still bat bloody well for a bloke that’s had eye surgery.  As in, he was getting the surgery, not giving it. 

    Stats and Trivia:

    • You could make quite the fire hazard with all the stick I give him, but this will be Old Eds 90th appearance in total for the Quokkas (66 YPCA games, 9 Big Day Not Outs, 9 T20s, 3 VBCA games & 2 Sri Lanka games) – he is also the Secretary of the YPCA and none of this would happen without him – well done mate;
    • The Animal is busy moving house so can’t play, its not a stat but could be trivia;
    • Radar is sitting on 688 YPCA runs, 3rd highest overall, and could well crack the 700 run mark this Sunday (3rd to do so);
    • Last seasons leading run scorer, J Rod, is sitting on 598 runs so really should crack the 600 this week too;
    • Alex is sitting on 29 YPCA wickets, only needing 1 more to catch up to J Rod and 3 more to catch up to Ray Jayner. A casual bag of 22 will have him level with Old Ed.
  • From Captain (Mr) Ed…


    16 Degrees and 90% chance of rain – perfect for cricket. We bowled first and the Clyde unwittingly inspired us to perform to the levels of our Sensai  by cranking out Rocketman as the first song on their jukebox. This did indeed lead to greatness with wickets falling in regular intervals to the Dog, Snipper, Alex, Dutchy and Sizzle. Some guy pretending to be JRod took 3/3 and took 2 catches. I repeat to 2 catches.  In a great and inspiring captaincy move, I ignored Ray Jayners advice and had a second slip for the entire game – 2 catches taken and probably 6 votes to the captain. Clyde bowled out for 140 in 22 overs.

    Google has opinions on this

    Google has opinions on this


    The Quokkas came out and, to be honest, did it easy; winning in the 19th over for the loss of 1 wicket (the real JRod). The Clydes bowlers had no answers for the big hits and dashing cover drives from Snipper (32 off 18), Alex (30 of 17) and Rofan (30 off 18) or the Doggedness of the Dog 27NO with Special hitting the winning runs with 6 overs to spare for a 9 wicket win.


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