• Empress Quokkas 236 def The Carringbush 202

    From Captain Ed…

    It was one of those days that make you wonder why you never moved to the beach 20 years ago; hot and an outfield that has less green than….a beach.

    The heat had already got to the Carringbush captain as he said to not worry about the toss and the Quokkas could bat. And bat we did!

    Rev (25) and Rohan (35) set the tone at the top with 50 in the first 5 overs and then it was a procession boundaries as JRod, Dutchy and Jay all hit 30’s, Jays’ off 12 balls (which was coincidentally the time he got out of bed and the number of cocktails he’d had the previous evening).

    The 2 Petes and myself added 50 and after 25 overs we were 7/236. 

    The Carringbush continued on the procession, enjoying watching us look for the ball in the snake pit at long on/off/midwicket.

    A genius bit of captaincy (listening to The Animals advice) to bring on a slower bowler got us in the game with Dutchy taking 3/7 and the Sheriff picking a pole to keep the damage to 4/65 at drinks break 1.

    In the most un-Quokka thing ever, we ran out of slow bowlers, so it was back to the medium-slows getting bashed into the snake pit. An example was my first over of slot bowling going for 3 sixes.

    Rev and myself had the last laugh getting the 2 remaining big hitters and then in true Quokka style we dragged out the game in the heat till eventually, Rohan, The Animal, JRod and an Alex bowling cameo ended the punishment, leaving the Carringbush 34 short at 202 all out.

    Quokkas 3 and 3 after 6 games  heading to the unknown opposition and conditions on King Island.


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