• From Capt’n Ed…

    Sundays game started as normal with a last minute ground swap and we returned to where we played our first game  3 seasons ago. The Brandon batted first and we decided to open with Pup (who returned as his dad had moved above him in the alltime wickets tally) and Mo. Mo inability to find the pitch meant 1 over was enough but Pup struck early with Rowdy taking a nice catch behind the stumps. Wickets fell regularly with Dutchy running a guy out from the boundary, Gladys getting a wicket after copping some stick, Big Dog not letting pup edge in front of him and yours truly taking a catch at short mid wicket. At drinks the Brandon were 5/76. After the break I unleashed the rev who hit the base of off stump with his first delivery, and was rewarded by being dragged after which he abused his captain from the Cover Boundary which caused at least 1 six off my bowling. Rob’s bowled a fiery spell just like Alan Mulally and when Big Dog took the final wicket (Rowdys 3rd catch, better bring a comfy chair to the BDNO Curto)  they only had 130 for the great Quokkas batting line up to chase. 
    Well…..Mo opened with Robbo (second failed experiment involving Mo) and we limped to 5/61 at drinks with Mo, Big Dog, and the rev falling in quick succession around Robbos 18 and Rowdy’s 24. Needless to say the lower order got us home with 2 wickets to spare with Robs “patient” 17, a typical Emu 33 retired, 12 of 5 balls for Dutchy (there I told everyone) and Gladys 9 or the last 3 balls to win the game by 2 wickets and 3 overs to go.
    Good effort all round by the team and just incase Dutchy forgets he occasional;ly will need reminding that he got hit ontop of the changerooms..
    Brandon 131 – Big Dog 2/9, Rev 1/5, Robbo 1/13, Gladys 1/15, Mo 1/something, Ed 1/something, Rowdy 3 Catches, Ed 2 catches and most notably RADAR TOOK A CATCH!!!!!!!!
    Quokkas 8/133 – Emu 33 retired, Rody 24, Robby 18, Rob 17
    The Rev is back on board now so all future emails will come from the great man.
    See you at the Big Day Not Out


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