• (contributed by Ed)

    anyway, for inspiration and as it’s 40 years of 50 over cricket (and its friday afternoon) I’ve replaced you all in the lineup with the player who best represents you

    1.       I’m here so hail (Amir Sohail) classy batsmen, handy spinner
    2.       Cath – Micheal Clarke as he bats like a girl….
    3.       J Bomb – Jaques Kallis – have you ever seen them together in the same room………..
    4.       Mo – Ian Chappell – doesn’t even walk when his been given out
    5.       Gregor – Shahid Afridi (handy but not as classy as Amir Sohail)
    6.       Big Dog (c) – Eddie Hemmings
    7.       Jazzron (wk) – Rodney Marsh (he also didn’t like being called Jason)
    8.       Rob – Tim Zohrer jack of all trades, was also leaning towards Hilfanhaus – cheap tailend wickets
    9.       Pup – Luke Butterworth
    10.   Chooka – Andrew Flintoff likes to bowl, bat, booze
    11.   Horse – Jimmy Barnes
    12.   Bad Boy – The Enigma – David Boon. Sweats pure Alcohol

    The Rev – Devon Malcom, one day in his career he will destroy the opostion, everyother day will be ordinary : )

  • To be sung to the tune of Guns and Roses’ ‘November Rain’ (just the guitar solo)

    O Quokkette,
    O Quokkette,
    I sing your praise without regrette!
    The cricket playing Quokkas are in your debt.
    Your support is true,
    You stick like glue,
    Steadfastly to the team when they play like pooh.

    O Quokkette,
    Dear Quokkette,
    You make us feel like jelly unset,
    All runny,
    Very fluid,
    My soul, whenst you’re near, feels quite nuide.

    In Paris,
    the city of loves,
    You were there when Rev donned the gloves.
    You make me cry
    Like a thousand lost doves.

    Doves never get lost, because of some sort of animal instinct that not even scientists can satisfactorily explain.
    Can you?

    O Quokkette,
    My Quokkette,
    We’ll make you proud,
    Of that I’ll bet.
    We will have many wins,
    You’ll forget our many sins,
    Like loving you enough, to children beget. (Have sex)


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