• Ahead of the 2011/12 season, the Labour-in-Vain Quokkas are heading to Launceston to take on the unknown quantity that is the Royal Oak Hotel.  The game is set to follow our standard Pub-league rules of 25 overs, no LBW, no out on first ball & everyone must bowl 2 overs.


    The Quokkas will be using the game to spread the gospel of pub cricket, hopefully leading to more social competition in the great state of Tasmania.  They will also be shamelessly promoting their 2013 tour to Kenya to support Action This Day!


    We’d love to see as many cricket / pub / curious fans out there on the day as we can – Quokka players such as Big Dog and The Rev will even be on hand to sign autographs (probably for each other).

  • We here at Quokkas CC are proud to announce that the planning for our 2013 tour to Kenya is well underway.  This tour will be the first time that the Australian and English Quokka teams will be able to play off against one another in earnest, the beach match in Malaysia in the lead up to  “The Attacks” wedding hardly counting (though The Eggs fielding in ‘the deep’ of the South China Sea was something to behold).

    Game(s) against local sides are also being organised, and will be confirmed asap.

    This tour will also give us the opportunity to visit the Kookaburra Community School, which The Quokkas support through the charity; Action This Day.

    While on the tour, The Quokkas will be given the chance to volunteer at the school, though it is uncertain whether it will be the students or The Quokkas running the cricketing clinics.

    The Quokkas are also invited to help the school by delivering one of its ‘sustainability’ projects – details on the link here.

    Stay tuned – more details to come!


  • Thursday May 3rd saw the Quokkas step out in force to support the Action This Day Wine and Cheese Charity Auction.  While the Quokkas have been long supporters of Action This Day, this was their first chance to show it in person, with two of the team entertaining the crowd and another taking their money as the evenings Auctioneer.

    Our off-spinner, Ed, and wicket-keeper, Curto, dazzled the crowd with some up-beat rhythm and blues, while the Rev was able to extract over four thousand dollars from the crowd as the evenings auctioneer.

    Ed and Curto give it some

    At the time of writing, the night had raised over nine thousand dollars, which will go a long way to supporting the charity in Kenya.  Click here for more details on Action This Day & stay tuned for more information on our future fundraising efforts, including our trip to the Kookaburra Academy in Kenya!


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