Despite being quite old fashioned in their approach to quality control, each season the Quokkas award a ‘Best and Fairest’ medal. Initially named after the first recipient of the award, and some other bloke, The Mantis-Brownlow award inspires Quokka teammen to undertake astonishing feats of valour.

2006 saw the award going to ‘The Mantis’. Not because he was the best player, or the fairest, but because he was both. The award is presented at the end of the season, traditionally on Saint Swibbin’s day.

Mantis weens!

The Mantis celebrates winning the B&F with the customary golden shower

2007 saw the award renamed to “The Nichols Best & Fairest” after The Rev, George Best and Jerome Fairest. The 2007 award went to The Attack for an outstanding season of Bestishness and Fairocity.

The Rev looks sexy

The Attack receives his award from The Rev. Messrs Best and Fairest not present.

In 2008, a repeat performance from the Attack saw Dac retain the “Rev”  though the race went down to the wire, with the last match deciding the winner. Dac displaying heaps more Best with a soupson more Fairest over the course of the season.

2009 saw a new face pick up the coveted shield. Shandy winning for his first full season on the team. The Skip was overheard lamenting “not another bloody aussie” which explains why he was runner-up for the second year in a row for not being either the Best nor the Fairest.

It's like the Masters' green jacket, except it's erm..... a shield

The Best& Fairest 2009

2010 saw the Skip finally get his mits on the B&F trophy. Ensuring no-one else got even a sniff of the top Quokka award by topping both the batting and bowling averages for the season.

And a repeat performance from the Skip in 2011 incurred the wrath of the Fagster whom vowed revenge for 2012.

Robin "Skip" Bradley - 2011 Quokkas B&F

And revenge was swiftly gained with Faggy providing a 2012 season of unparalleled Best, with some Fairest generously implied.

No award can save Faggy from deadly "white eye"