• From The President of King Island….

    It was forecast to be 34 degrees and that would make it the hottest game I’d play in yet. Stamina was the name of the game. We arrived at an abandoned oval where no punter dared braving the heat. It was set out to be a cracker and extra beers were on order to share with our friends from the Pinnacle.

    Walking over to the other team it appeared that they were a captain short with a number of fill-ins to help them form a team for the day. We had made ourselves comfortable in the stand and the Pinnacle decided to remain in the shade of the clubhouse. There was a cooler, two slabs of beer, two bags of ice, and too many tea towels.

    A substitute captain was identified in AJ, we flipped a coin, and they won so chose to bat. They were struggling with numbers so this might have been the only outcome for the toss. 

    I always prefer to start bowling in a game. My theory is that it brings the team closer together and committed to the day. I think there is more energy at the start of the day and that’s best used playing together as a team defending any advances the other team might want to make.

    We were off to a flying start. 

    Four Quokkas Quokking

    Fielding was tight and I was leaning on the expertise of others in the team. Radar, Alex, and Rev were able to direct the team around the field and prioritise taking advantage when learning new things about the Pinnacle’s batting.

    There were some screamers but we kept them down to 169 before stepping up to the crease.

    Some notable mentions to make go to: Pete ‘Fargo’ Wells for incredible reflexes to catch a ball with the one hand; Jay Rainer diving for a successful catch; Matt stepping in to fill in for the Quokkas and scoring a big graze on his leg stopping boundaries and catching a huge hit; Radar securing another couple of stumpings; and, Oscar diving for a catch and missing it by millimetres. What a team.

    So we were up to bat, and the heat was peaking for the day. Radar and Tim were the first partnership of the day and the runs were coming through in force.

    With all the running, Tim retired shy of his 30, but the trend had been set. Radar, Oscar, and Dutchy all retired and came back to the bench ready to jump back on when needed.

    TBC Death

    Alex was in there on a streak when he was caught. A notable mention to Oscar for getting his first 30! The final partnership between Jay and me led us to the win. A huge day and an excellent show from the mighty Quokkas.

    Alex avec high elbow
  • I saw Haley’s comet in 1986, Aguero’s 93rd minute goal for ManCity’s first premier league title in 2012 and I was there for Glenn McGrath’s half century at the Gabba.

    But on Sunday December 11 2022 something even more rare and prestigious occurred. We’ll all remember where we were sitting (on the esky, scoring) when Dylan Nichols in his 63rd game retired 31 not out!!!. And it wasn’t a scratchy 30, there were shots through cover point that made grown men cry (the bowlers). 

    Men: This will bring you to tears

    Although insignificant to witnessing the moment many thought would never happen, the Quokkas won the game through swashbuckling batting from Dutchy and Alex 70 & 40 respectively and 30’s to Oscar, myself and some guy calling himself The Rev….261 on the board!

    Dutchy on his way to a very angry 70
    Oscar, smashing 6s
    Ed, doing something

    The Rose got off to a flyer, but after drinks some tight and wicket taking bowling from Jay, Alex & Dave B (who’s tribute to the Rev was a wicket off his 15th delivery) and 2 catches and a stumping to the man you can’t keep out of the game, Radar and the Quokkas won easy, 261 to 216.

    Jordan, opening the bowling despite injury

    I have a feeling the stats were updated pretty quickly after the game…. 

    (editors note: many thanks to Slug for the photos)

  • Match Facts:

    Sunday, December 11th

    Fairfield Oval, Yarra Park Dve




    The Big Picture:

    Similar to the tea break after a delayed commencement to a Test, The Quokkas have their last game of 2022 this Sunday after only getting started. 

    We are, though, coming into this game with some good form (see below) which has been based on some excellent fielding efforts, and the addition of excellent recruits to a reasonable settled squad (thanks to The Empress).

    This game sees us take on our old friends from The Rose hotel, whom we haven’t played since March 2021 in what was a game in which J Rod showed his Hulk tendencies and we were unable to chase 140-odd.

    Form Guide:

    Two wins from three games is a suspiciously positive start to the season for The Quokkas, the last one of those wins being pretty comprehensive; holding The Pinnacle to 169 (nice) before chasing it pretty easily in 20 overs.

    There were 6 batters who either retired or were not out in that match, as well as some fantastic efforts in the field; Ray Jayner taking screaming catches (plural) a highlight. Kudos also to Radar for another fantastic effort behind the pickets with multiple stumpings.

    In the Spotlight:

    While his numbers this season have been staggering, it’s hard to quantify the impact Radar has had this season. 

    Yes, he’s averaging 151 with the bat (strike rate of 1.82 and 30% of the total team runs), but he got the chance to bowl last week and picked up a couple of poles; including the wicket to finish the game. On top of that, he’s taking stumpings and marshalling our fielding innings.

    Well done Radar.

    Team News:

    The word “unprecedented” has been thrown around a lot over the last few years, and selection at this time of year is probably not an occasion to use it.  Christmas, Covid and “can’t be arsed” have all played a role in squad availability, though we do have XI at the time of writing:

    1. Ed ©
    2. Jay
    3. Radar
    4. Prez
    5. Rev
    6. Linguist
    7. F1
    8. Dutchy
    9. Alex
    10. Animal
    11. Big Dave
    12. Fridge

    Pitch and Conditions:

    We are back to Fairfield Oval this Sunday, the site of many happy days out even though it has become something of a cabbage patch of late.

    The weather looks pretty iffy for Sunday, but when hasn’t it this season?

    Stats and Trivia:

    • This will be Radars 70th match for The Quokkas (55 x YPCA, 7 x BDNO, 5 x T20, 2 x VBCA) – congratulations to the man in the ink – he is also closing in on his 1000th YPCA run, currently sitting on 966 but averaging 151 this season
    • Prez and TBC both had their top scores in the last game (17* and 21*) – congratulations both
    • After being the first Quokka to 1,000 runs, Dutchy has kept accumulating and is only 2 off 1,600 YPCA runs
    • It’s all very even in the wickets this season, with four players having taken 3 and four having taken 2 – though Big Dave got all of his in just one match


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