• Match Facts:

    Fairlea East Oval,

    Yarra Bend



    The Big Picture:

    Not only is this game the last one for this season for The Quokkas and the whole league, but it may well be the lasts game for Pub League stalwarts The Curtin due to their gaff being sold. 

    There’s plenty of talk at this Melbourne icon may yet be saved from property developers in shiny shoes, but it seems that the planet is on a bit of a downward trajectory being led by narcissists with short-term vision and a bucket-load of hubris.

    Still, it may be better for our mental health to reminisce on all the good times rather than focus on the bad.

    We’ve had plenty of great times on and off the field with the team from The Curtin, and look forward to adding another to it this Sunday.

    That’s curtains! c. 2014/15

    Form Guide:

    The Quokkas actually made it past the first round of the BDNO in their last appearance, so we will say they are in (almost) unrecognisable form.

    In the Spotlight:

    F1 has made a spectatcular start to his Quokkas career, not least by turning up to training and posting one of the more unique contributions to the infamous group chat, but by actually bowling straight and quick (3 wickets at 16, going at less than 6 an over), hitting proper shots (averaging 35, thanks very much) and covering half the field despite some sort of Transformer living on his knee.

    Local is back as Captain of this match, having never captained a winning side before. 

    Team News:

    The spicy cough has boomeranged to The Quokkas squad but our Pacific Ocean-like depth has allowed us to still get XI on the park (at the time of writing).  Our squad is:

    1. Big Dave
    2. J Rod
    3. The President of King Island
    4. F1
    5. Dutchy
    6. Jay
    7. Sizzle
    8. Alex
    9. The Animal
    10. Local (c)
    11. Rev

    Pitch and Conditions:

    It’s been a humid week in Murderous Melbourne, and it looks like we will have a high of 27 on Sunday so possibly ideal conditions for The Animal to show some of that 70s wild swing.

    Given its had a little rain of late, we are hoping that Fairlea East is a little more gentle on those sliding on the field than a baseball bat with nails through it.

    Stats and Trivia:

    (Disclaimer – work / moving / parenting / studying has been bloody busy of late and I may be falling behind on stats)

    • This will be Jays 40th YPCA match and his 58th overall for the Quokkas
    • Dutchy is 2 wickets from joining ELITE company (Ed, Big Dog) in the 50 wicket club, he’s been bouncing the ball as well as he’s been bowling this season, so it could be on this Sunday
    • SIZZLE (!) is back for his first game of the season, potentially in solidarity, after a couple of years impacted by tyranny of distance and a dodgy knee.  The Quokkas records around taking catches while punching darts has been negligible in his absence.  Welcome back.
  • Match Facts:

    Sunday, March 6th

    Kicking off at Fairfield Oval at 9:30 A.M!

    Days gone by

    The Big Picture:

    You need a big picture for a big day and the biggest day in the YPCA calendar is the Big Day Not Out (BDNO).

    Out of it’s Covid hibernation and relocated from the leagues spiritual home of Edinburgh Gardens to the dry and isolated grounds of Fairfield and Fairlea, the festival of short-form pub cricket is back.

    The new surrounds won’t invite the community engagement that the day used to enjoy in times gone by, but it will certainly enable the participating pub teams to ingratiate with one another easily, while also reducing the chance of balls being lost in front yards or going through car windows or children.

    As per the last few BDNOs, the day has been moved from the pointy end of the season itself to something closer to the pointy end, more of the iceberg and less of the tip if you will.  This has taken some of the “finals” type pressure off the day and allowed it to be more enjoyable.

    The Empress Quokkas go into this seasons iteration of the day in as good as form as they have been for years, and despite drawing the early start against our old friends in the Curtin Hotel, hopes are still up for a good showing in our 10th appearance at the event.

    In the spotlight:

    After missing a few games due to having better things to do, Jay comes back into the side to co-captain the day with the in-form Radar.

    The TFB is hitting the ball at an impressive strike rate of 1.7 while also going for just over 6 runs per over.  Elite BDNO areas.

    This is Jays 5th BDNO, so here’s hoping for a big one.

    Team News:

    The squad for Sunday, at the time of writing, is:

    1. Ed
    2. The President of King Island
    3. F1
    4. Jay (co captain)
    5. Radar (co captain)
    6. Alex
    7. Local
    8. Dutchy
    9. J Rod
    10. Big Dave
    11. Tim B Chapman
    12. Blake

    Pitch and Conditions

    Given that it looks like we are at the end of the world, its only appropriate that the first BDNO in 2 years is interrupted by tropical rain during Autumn in Melbourne.

    Should we get on, its very likely to be very, very soppy.

    Stats and Trivia

    • About 90% of all people live in the Northern Hemisphere
    • The risk of heart attack for men is 20% higher on Mondays
    • The hashtag symbol is technically called an ‘octothorpe’
    • Abraham Lincoln is a member of the Wrestling Hall of Fame (defeated once in 300 matches)
    • This will be Eds 10th BDNO, not a bad effort


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