• Empress Quokkas 236 def The Carringbush 202

    From Captain Ed…

    It was one of those days that make you wonder why you never moved to the beach 20 years ago; hot and an outfield that has less green than….a beach.

    The heat had already got to the Carringbush captain as he said to not worry about the toss and the Quokkas could bat. And bat we did!

    Rev (25) and Rohan (35) set the tone at the top with 50 in the first 5 overs and then it was a procession boundaries as JRod, Dutchy and Jay all hit 30’s, Jays’ off 12 balls (which was coincidentally the time he got out of bed and the number of cocktails he’d had the previous evening).

    The 2 Petes and myself added 50 and after 25 overs we were 7/236. 

    The Carringbush continued on the procession, enjoying watching us look for the ball in the snake pit at long on/off/midwicket.

    A genius bit of captaincy (listening to The Animals advice) to bring on a slower bowler got us in the game with Dutchy taking 3/7 and the Sheriff picking a pole to keep the damage to 4/65 at drinks break 1.

    In the most un-Quokka thing ever, we ran out of slow bowlers, so it was back to the medium-slows getting bashed into the snake pit. An example was my first over of slot bowling going for 3 sixes.

    Rev and myself had the last laugh getting the 2 remaining big hitters and then in true Quokka style we dragged out the game in the heat till eventually, Rohan, The Animal, JRod and an Alex bowling cameo ended the punishment, leaving the Carringbush 34 short at 202 all out.

    Quokkas 3 and 3 after 6 games  heading to the unknown opposition and conditions on King Island.

  • Match Facts:

    Sunday, January 23rd

    Fairlea East Oval



    The Big Picture:

    Perhaps were we a bit optimistic about this Covid thing blowing over so quickly when the season was getting started, as it seems like the realisation of each game is a day-by-day proposition.

    Our last scheduled game was against the combined Rainbow and Raccoons team as that was the only way they could make up an XI.  Last weekend the call went out from the league (well done Huss) for players to make up other games and we had 6 of us turn up for The Standard, who managed to get none out on the park for the first time in 25 years. 

    Not their fault at all, its all very fluid at the moment.

    Speaking of fluid, we are breaking into new territory with this weeks opponent, The Carringbush. 

    Hopefully everyone stays safe and well and we can have a game on Sunday.  Three games in three weeks, this might test us.

    Form Guide:

    After starting the Summer strongly, The Quokkas have reverted to form and dropped their last couple of games, including the ‘all stars’ combo match played last Sunday.

    Batting has been a particular concern, with only two Quokkas making over 100 runs for the season so far (5 games).

    That being said, this has never been about wins and losses, to perhaps the more pertinent stats is the 24 different players that have turned out for us already this season.  Welcome, all.

    In the Spotlight:

    While he certainly does have the appearance of a hermit, or as my Nanna might say “a gentleman of the road”, Ed has also taken on the habits of one this season; only turning out for the two games and batting in only one of those. 

    Perhaps his return will rectify some of the run-scoring issues we’ve had, or perhaps he may tell us of his travels in his famously verbose way.  Either way, welcome back Eddy.

    Team News:

    We’ve had some breaking news, literally, already; Alex out with a badly broken finger for the rest of the season.  Here’s hoping our leading centurion makes a quick recovery.

    The squad, at the time of writing, is:

    1. Ed (c)
    2. James Gow
    3. Dutchy
    4. J Rod
    5. Jay
    6. F1
    7. Rev
    8. Radar
    9. The Animal
    10. Local
    11. Fridge

    Pitch and Conditions:

    Fairlea East can be a brutal place on a hot summers day with not a lot of shade, but it is isolated and resisted by dog walkers and pitch invaders.  It is expected to be a very hot one Sunday, with a top of 35. 

    Stats & Trivia:

    • Alex goes out for the season with 149 runs off 115 balls from 5 innings, only being dismissed once, for a strike rate of 1.3 and an average of 149.  He’s hit 16 fours and  1 six. He’s also taken 5 wickets at 17.4 and 5 catches (25% of the team total).
    • This will be Eds 69th YPCA game for The Quokkas – nice
    • Dutchy is sitting on 1,475 YPCA runs for The Quokkas, 25 more and he gets to the landmark 1,500.  With a career average of 30.10, it could well be this week
    • Jay is on 693 YPCA runs, and with an average of 28.88 he should crack the 700 club in this match. He is currently bested by Dutchy, Ed (1218), Alex (813) and Radar (737)
  • Match Facts:

    Sunday, January 9th 2022

    WJ Cox Oval, Yarra Bend


    1pm start

    The Big Picture:

    Happy New Year. There is probably a parallel universe somewhere in which Marti Pellow sings “Covid is all around me” while the world has love spread uncontrollably, but it isn’t this universe – this one is quite the opposite.

    While the global spread of a deadly virus is quite the macro view of where the world is at, this impending match is quite the micro view of where the YPCA is at.

    Forced out to a remote ground that is girt by Bunyips, with two proud teams in The Royston and The Rainbow having to combine a side to make up an XI. 

    It wasn’t that long ago that the YPCA had teams falling over themselves to get into the league and were battling out matches on the grandeur of Alfred Crescent oval.

    The planet, and the league, are becoming much less care-free places and we are going to have to work together to succeed.

    On more micro issues still, a review of our last couple of matches against the Royston (both losses) shows that Local has Captained both.  Little surprise he is omitted (camping) for this one.

    As the Quokkas certainly haven’t had much success on the field against either The Rainbow or The Royston of late, or ever, it is little surprise that both are licking their lips to have a little nibble on our Quokka legs.

    The games have, though, always been played in the right spirit and also been plenty of fun.

    Again, Happy New Year.

    Form Guide:

    The Quokkas are coming off their first loss of the Summer, to the Rainbow, but have been in unprecedented form otherwise.

    In the Spotlight:

    The singleted, cycling saviour from the South West, Sizzle, returns this week to spin the ball sideways spectacularly.  Try saying that ten times fast.

    We have missed the Sizzle since he moved down the coast, though his cryptic crossword contributions have certainly been welcome on the group chat.

    Handy in the field (particularly while punching darts), a good holding bowler and capable of literally hitting it into the WJ Cox oval car park (as we have seen in the past), we welcome him back with open arms.

    Team News:

    With COVID ripping through the Quokka bio-bubble ahead of Sunday, we have already had to make one change, with more expected before the big day.

    The squad, at the time of writing and no particular order is:

    1. Rivers
    2. Dutchy
    3. Radar
    4. Jay
    5. Sizzle
    6. Alex
    7. James Gow
    8. The Animal
    9. Rev
    10. J Rod (c)
    11. Fridge
    12. Tim B Chapman (pending test results)
    13. Ami’s mate

    It should be noted that J Rod has already awarded himself 6 votes for the game.

    Pitch and Conditions

    WJ Cox Oval may be affectionately referred to as “one for mosquito enthusiasts” or “a destination for those that like to lose cricket balls in snake territory”, it does at least offer sanctuary from the demanding public.

    The weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday with a top of 24 and possibly no rain after several days of Summer thunderstorms.  This will be welcomed by the likes of The Animal and Jay who will be able to use the conditions to make the ball swing harder than Edna St Vincent Millay.

    Stats & Trivia

    • This will be Radars 50th YPCA game for the Quokkas, congratulations to the man with the awesome tattoos – 726 runs at 20.74 and a high score of 37, while also taking 15 wickets at 34 and going for 6.5 runs per over
    Radar, seen here hitting out
    • This will also be Dutchy’s 100th total appearance for the Quokkas; 75 YPCA games, 8 Big Day Not Outs, 10 T20 games, 5 VBCA games and 1 match in Sri Lanka (missed the other with a severe case of Hanoi beers) – Congratulations to the man in the orange van
    • Dutchy and Radar are also having an interesting competition for most dismissals (catches and run outs); both are sitting on 34
    • It’s getting pretty competitive in the fight for 4th spot on the all-time YPCA wickets list, with; yours truly (35), J Rod (34), Alex (32) and Jay (34) all battling it out
    • I picked up my 400th career YPCA run in the last game.  Watch out Dutchy.


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