• From Captain Local…

    Alphington Oval on a sunny afternoon is one of the prettier places to enjoy pub cricket – an irony maybe lost on the Quokkas as we experienced an ugly mauling.

    Our opponents: The Royston, a nemesis from recent years who luckily don’t mind throwing on a few jugs after the game when we inevitably get back to their pub. They’re a very decent bunch of humans – it’s just a shame that the decency doesn’t extend to not smashing you relentlessly over the fence at deep long on.

    Where to start.

    Captain Local went in to his 7th game as captain with a hope, a plan and an intact W/L ratio of 0/7. The Quokkas had offered to get pizza for the innings changeover (thank you Ray Jayner), so we batted first.

    Our openers J-Rod and Jay battled battlingly on the spread-out field, before Dutchy and Radar went to work in the overs pre-drinks, both bringing up hard-fought 30s. Boundaries were difficult to come by and all the Quokkas batsmen were made to run, except Dutchy, who was able to get over the fielders regularly.

    Coming in next, Alex wasn’t able to capitalise on recent good form unfortunately, but Ed and Local then combined for a 50-run partnership that saw them both retiring back to the pavilion at the end of the same over. A great day for Tasmania, if not necessarily for power hitting.

    What followed was definitely not a great day for Ami (who, it has to be said, had stepped in to the breach when Nimble wasn’t available and driven quite a long way to be at the ground that day – thank you Ami). Batting with The Reverend ‘yes/no/YES’ Nicholls, Ami was unhappily run out at the non-strikers end before facing a ball. A small consolation is that he is now the member of the exclusive Diamond Duck club, and a very nice trophy is coming his way.

    The remaining batsmen cycled through, which brought Dutchy back to the wicket for one last tonk, getting him to a half-century. Well done Dutchy, well batted.

    Overall, it was a better than solid batting performance, setting a total we thought could be competitive against the big-hitting Royston.

    Sadly, no.

    Ami suffered his second indignity for the day, opening the bowling with Radar and becoming the first in a long line of Quokka cannon-fodder for the afternoon, despite bowling well.

    Local shuffled the bowling options and fielding positions and was fortunate that the Quokkas found wickets regularly. Radar had an outstanding game behind the stumps and both Jay and Alex held excellent catches.

    But the Royston batting lineup was too strong and the runs kept coming. They had a number of retirees and any bowling success we had just meant that the retirees were closer to returning. Things turned unpleasant at about the 19th over when Ami was repeatedly picked out at cow corner. Unfortunately for him, the balls that were picking him out were already well over the fence when they reached him.

    Not long after that, the Royston reached the total and the game was over. Congratulations are in order for them – they played well and in great spirit. Congratulations also to all the Quokkas who played, for their spirit and good humour. It was a great afternoon despite the loss.

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  • Match Facts:

    Sunday, February 21, 2021

    Fairlea West Oval


    1pm start

    The Big Picture

    With the Pride Round game being called off last weekend due to Global Pandemic, this game becomes the 100th match for THE BIG DOG for The Quokkas.  A few years ago we held a social match for his 50th where I marvelled at his commitment to this rabble, a feeling that has only magnified with 49 more games played.

    Just watch and learn folks

    The whole point of The Quokkas, and the YPCA, is to provide inclusive cricket and The Big Dog has been an incredible proponent of this; welcoming any and all to the club and helping to make sure said rabble continues in his various roles (sometimes all of them) on the committee.

    Congratulations to the great man.

    There is also the small matter of the game to be played, against old friends the Terminus. 

    It has been a few seasons since we last crossed paths and they have always given a good contest in the right spirit.  Here’s looking forward to a Covid-safe afternoon and a few cheers for The Big Dog.

    Form Guide:

    With the last match called off, The Quokkas only have the form from the previous game at Nerrena to go on.  Without a match report to reference (I’m pretty sure that’s a fine Local), I’m going to use my memory and say we did OK?  Pretty sure we didn’t win and I got hit for one of the biggest sixes in the history of measurement.

    Also, this happened

    In the spotlight:

    What more can be said about the jewel in the Quokkas tiara that is The Big Dog?

    He’s played 73 YPCA games, 8 Big Day Not Outs, 11 miscellaneous games (e.g. T20s etc), 5 games against the VBCA and 2 in Sri Lanka.  Assuming each game took at least 5 hours, that’s 495 hours of Quokka cricket, or 20 days (whichever you prefer).

    In YPCA games, The Big Dog has batted 61 times (he often doesn’t bat to give others a go) for 646 runs at an average of 15.76 and a high score of 35. He has bowled 124 overs for 50 wickets at 23.74 and has taken 19 catches and EXECUTED 2 run outs.

    That’s an enormous amount of commitment and we are all better for it.

    Stats and Trivia:

    • Alex has stormed up to 28 career YPCA wickets, only one behind J Rod and two behind the Zampa to his Stoinis; RAY JAYNER
    • The Animal is having a WILD season, with 3 wickets at 23 and going for less than 6 RPO – he’s also score 50 runs for the season at a strike rate of 100
    • Radar is having another great season with the gloves, averaging MORE STUMPINGS (3) than catches (2)
    • I’m really enjoying caps lock at the moment, I must be over 40
    • Ed is hard to top on RPO though, averaging a miserly 2.89
    • Runs are where we have struggled this season, with only 2 players having made more than 100 runs (in 5 games)
    • That being said, we have two players who seem very on edge in Jay (95 runs) and J Rod (99)
    • Remember Sizzle?  I miss Sizzle



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