• As per tradition Jay yelled at the telly at the Fish Creek Hotel on the eve o the match. His vocal enthusiasm nearly motivated an Egyptian greyhound to ensure him enough TAB credit to trade for a bottle of Riesling.


    Breaking in tradition, we lost the game of cricket.

    Despite Nerrena struggling for numbers they somehow got us.

    The kids. The children were really good. They bowled great. We didn’t know how to play their cricket-y style of cricket.

    Unfortunately I didn’t take notes and can’t remember the specifics of our performance. I’m sure a few of us played great and a few (including me) played shithouse and everyone else occupied the in between.

    I remember being quite hungry by the time the game ended that’s for sure.

    And NCC’s new outdoor ceiling fans are unreal. They kept us cool and the flies away.

    Dylan bowled a few great balls.

    Flanders and Sam the two fill-ins bowled and fielded great. They probably would have batted well too had I not have put them in last and second last, disrespectfully.
    Jay and I listened to an interesting podcast about Burke & Wills on the way home. Unfortunately Will Anderson yelled in the background throughout and nearly ruined it. Nearly.
    Cat also batted very well. And someone else did too.
    Basically – I feel really lucky to be able to go out the beautiful Nerrena, a scenic masterpiece, and play cricket with a lovely, diverse line up of mates. We didn’t win this time but losing in paradise is a win.

    Nerrena: Where childrens arms go to disappear

    Nerrena: Where childrens’ arms go to disappear


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