• From Captain Ed…

    The outfield was lush and the tailwind heaving at the start of our game against the Old Bar. Snipper and Special were driving us nuts with their incessant chatter so I sent them in to open to get some peace and quiet. The boy from Broady was back for his first hit since March and made a lazy 38 of 20 odd balls. A few handy contributions from Dog and Sizzle and then some guy claiming to be the Rev hit 24 off 22 with shots everywhere. Rohan hit a lusty 26 including a 6 over cover and Monty 24 at a run a ball and we made a solid 162.


    The Old Bar started briskly, but then some tight bowling from Jay (1/8), Monty (0/6) and the man claiming to be the Rev (1/4 off 2 – middle stump knocked out of the ground and not even a chance to get the Quokka man tune going). Old Bar went to drinks at 1/70…70 being 5m shorter than the 6 hit off Ami to the other side of Ramsden St. 9 balls after drinks it was all over as the Dog and Snipper ripped the hearts and souls out of the Old Bar middle order with 2/6 & 2/8 respectively. Special chipped in with 1/1 and a skier to point showed us that it really was the Rev….


    Quokkas 3 for 3 in the league with a 162 to 133 Victory

    Mighty men of fortune

    Mighty men of fortune

  • Match Facts:

    Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill



    1pm start


    The Big Picture:

    The last game of 2018 brings with it a sense of optimism for The Quokkas, having made an unparalleled start to the season, as well as playing with a previously missing sense of vim and vigor.


    The Old Bar are a fantastic club and mighty strong with the good side of the force. We are still living off the sweet bread earned through selling an SUVs bootload of tinnies to them 2 years ago.


    On top of being powerful smashers of cans, they are also a great group and I can’t think of a better team to wrap the cricketing year up against.


    Form Guide:

    How things have changed. With 3 games completed this season, The Quokkas have already won 2 games. Thankfully the tour match followed the traditional path or I’d be getting truly worried about changes afoot. I mean, what next; dogs and cats living together?


    It should also be noted that The Quokkas have bowled their opposition out in both wins, with new recruits often starring.


    Quokkas: WLW


    In the Spotlight:

    I recently learned that a new Avengers movie is coming out next year, which would be exciting if there wasn’t a superhero returning to the cricket field this Sunday. That’s right dear reader, J Rod is back.


    While he may not wear his jocks on the outside, or at all, or run particularly fast, or at all – the master of napping whilst still standing returns.

    Yup, this guy

    Yup, this guy


    Recent parenting responsibilities have seen the great man slip to 6th for all time Quokka appearances (and he now has Pup biting at his heels), his pick-and-mix bowling style and big hitting is always in demand.


    Along with J Rod is another returning player who will be well received is Snipper. While an Engineering degree can be considered a baby that requires parenting, it probably requires less nappy changes than a human child. I dunno, you’ll have to ask Snipper.


    Anyway, he’s back.


    Team News:

    As for our other games this season, we start the week with a squad that resembles David Boon in the latter part of his career; bulging. Also, scoring runs.


    Artists impression of the Quokkas available squad

    Artists impression of the Quokkas available squad


    This, aspirational attendance, happened in the last game too, though we only had 9 on the field until almost drinks, so who knows.


    The team, at the time of writing, is:

    1. Big Dog
    2. Snipper
    3. J Rod
    4. Rev
    5. Ed (c)
    6. Monty
    7. SPECIAL
    8. Tom McSizzle
    9. VP
    10. Ami
    11. Radar
    12. Pup
    13. Jay
    14. Dutchy


    Pitch and Conditions:

    We finish off 2018 at arguably our favourite ground; Ramsden Street Oval. With a soft outfield and a public barbecue on site (!), Ramsden is easier to play on than a cabbage patch and a simple place to host a match; which we are doing this week.


    The forecast at the time of writing is for 22 degrees with a possibility of thunderstorms, so if we do get a game up it should be nice and, like a good chowder; clammy.

    Artists impression of the weather.

    Artists impression of the weather.


    Stats and Trivia:

    Now I become death, destroyer of worlds:

    • Wicket-keeping is a tricky role in the pub league, with little consistency in the bowling. Since taking it on, Radar has been phenomenal. This season alone he has 4 stumpings, and now has the all-time record for stumpings / run outs with 9 (Curto is still impressively second with 6).
    • Radars 30* in the last match also took him to over 450 career YPCA runs – well done!
    • Ami has started his Quokka career with a bang, taking 2 wickets at 3.21 runs per over. There is absolutely no way it can go wrong from here.
    • Having bowled our opposition out twice this season, the stats are looking good for us being able to score more runs than we concede this week as well. Ed (1.26), Pup (1.0), Dutchy (1.37), Snipper (1.64), Radar (1.17), Jay (1.01), Ami (1.06), Tom McSizzle (1.25) and SPECIAL (1.0) all have some of the best runs scored to runs conceded ratios at the club
    • The Rev is 2 runs away from joining the 300 run club for the Quokkas. Despite averaging 13.55 with the bat, there is no guarantee he’ll get there this week. Or this season. Or ever.



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