• Match Facts:

    Sunday, February 28

    Alphington Park, Parkview Road, Alphington



    The Big Picture:

    And so another YPCA season rolls to its end for the Quokkas, though this isn’t the last game of the season, it’s the last one not pitched against other Quokkas of one form or another. It hasn’t been the most successful of seasons for the Quokkas, but that’s hardly the point and besides we beat the Rainbow in the last match to ensure we had TWO wins for the season.

    Yay, us.

    This is only the second encounter between the Quokkas and the Terminus, the last contest was the Terminus’ opening foray into Pub Cricket and resulted in a win to the Quokkas, with Radar and Ed scoring 37s.

    This man also bats

    This man also bowls

    The match was also famous for  The Revs bowling being responsible for the death of Possums in the trees surrounding the Alfred Crescent oval.

    Here’s hoping the Quokkas can pull off another win to finish the YPCA season well, or at least enjoy the day and head back to the “Termi” anyway for some brilliant tap beers.

    Form Guide:

    2016 has started positively for the Quokkas, it’s a shame they seem to be hitting form right before the season ends. Or is it?

    After getting smashed by a way better team in the ASRC, the Quokkas put up a good showing in the Big Day Not Out and somehow managed to beat the Rainbow (good lads, them).

    So there you have it, the Mozz is officially ON.

    In the Spotlight:

    Jay (Lo) makes his Captaincy debut for this game, so is sure to be given a hard time by all and sundry. The big opening bowler is in fair form in his debut season, averaging 44 with the bat and having taken 5 wickets at 18 with the ball.

    Once again ladies and gentlemen, MOZZ.

    Team News:

    The last league game of the season was always going to draw a few out of the woodwork, not least because it’s against a pub we will probably lose against that has a decent beer selection. Also, their Pub may be showing the NAB mugs competition, and who would miss that?

    Who indeed?

    Who indeed?

    The available list (at the time of writing) is:

    1. Big Dog
    2. Ed
    3. Dutchy
    4. Local
    5. Radar
    6. Tuesday
    7. Rev
    8. Curto
    9. J Rod
    10. Snipper
    11. Alex
    12. Nickname AW
    13. Jay (c)

    Pitch and Conditions:

    The game is to be played at Alphington Park, which (I believe) The Quokkas have only graced once, in their infamous 1-run loss to The Rose. The ground is next to the old paper mill, which is currently being torn down to make way for FIVE THOUSAND new folk to move into the new apartments being built. Here’s hoping the construction dust settles on the pitch, giving it lots of turn.

    All we’d need then is a spinner.


    It’s looking like a very pleasant 24 degrees on the day, so it should be fun.

    Stats and Trivia:

    • The Bad Boy curse has continued this season, with last seasons B&F winner (Snipper) only playing 2 YPCA matches. Here’s hoping the golden boy doesn’t have paint to watch dry or grass to watch grow so he can play his 10th YPCA innings for the club & add to his 220 career runs (@ 55) and 6 wickets (@25)
    • This may be Curtos last pub league game for a while as he is expecting Twins over the Winter. Curto has the record number of dismissals for the Quokkas; 29 (23 catches and 6 run outs / stumpings). We wish them all well.
    • Radars barn-storming 18 last week took him past 300 career runs (302 to be precise), only the 7th to do so
    • The Revs 26* in the last game took him past 150 career runs, the absolute slowest ever to do so.
  • The most Quokka of moments

    No caption needed

    From Captain Ed…

    The sun was shining and while we were missing  a few of the Quokkas A-listers in Snipper, Dog and Chef, a find of L7’s Bricks are Heavy Album on Cassette in the shed Sunday morning had feeling it was going to be a good day.

    The Rainbow batted first and the Jay/Dutchy opening partnership yielded 2 wickets, Jay doing all the yielding. James (Alex’s brother) bowled first change on debut and learnt that bowling line and length leads to nothing but dropped catches at slip. Rev was the other first change bowler and started his spell with a few wides……

    Day Two

    Rev completed his 16 ball over and I had to drag him as a second over would have resulted in dehydration of the fielders waiting for the drinks break. Rainbow only 66 at drinks. I mentioned to Local on the walk back out that they key was getting through the period where we tend to drift and concede a few runs….that key was still under the mat. The rainbow got to 171 with the highlights of the second set of overs being Alex bowling leggies and landing them,  Radars two stumpings and the captain being questioned about his third over by two veteran quokkas after an unlucky 2nd over went for a few.

    The half time feast was amazing, 4 types of meat, fish and salads to challenge the Dogs culinary skills.

    The batting order was drawn from a hat and after dismissing Dutchies protest that 11 was actually roman numerals for 2, Local and Radar got us off to a flyer, 40 off four overs before Radar was caught hookin’ which he walked off sookin’ and kind of disappointed lookin’. Local retired for a dashing 32, Rainsey 15 (all to backward square), Jay 30 odd, Shane 30 less, Me, a Captains knock 0f 35, Tuesday hit the winning runs and we were home with an over to spare.

    Went back to the Rainbow anyway for a few beers, questions on the necessity of the length of Jay’s run up, discussions on what Alex sleeps in when his favorite shorts are elsewhere and queried the selection process for the captain of mixed team 2.

    And that’s about all. There was something else, but its slips my mind….Oh yeah, that’s it… ENTER THE REVEREND!!!!!!  26 not out, 32 balls, 5 off drives, highest pub league score, guiding us home for Victory.  Yes it happened and we were there.

  • Match Facts:

    Sunday, February 14

    Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill





    The Big Picture:

    This will be the Quokkas first Pub League game for 2016, discounting the Big Day Not Out, and one that they hope will start better than 2015 ended (1 win from 4 Pub League games).


    This is the first time the Quokkas have played this incarnation of the Rainbow Hotel, the last time was c.2010 before the last incarnation went on to being Sentido fUnf (then the Fitzroy Beer Garden, then The Marquis of Lorne).


    Here’s hoping the new mob are as uncompetitive at cricket as the old mob were good at moving pubs / bars / wine bars.


    Form Guide:

    The Quokkas have only won the one game this season, against the Old Bar, which was highly reliant on the big hitting of Chef (44 off 14) and J Rod (41 off 24).


    Of course neither is available for this game, which leaves more of a crater than a hole in the run-scoring department.


    Artists impression of the Quokkas run scoring capability


    That being said, the Quokkas did bowl and field in their last showing (at the BDNO), bowling out the Standard in 10 overs. Shame they couldn’t chase the runs.


    In the Spotlight:

    Tuesday is in sparkling form this season, averaging 86 with the bat in the Pub League, as well as scoring a handy 59 against the Vic Deaf team before I ran him out. You’re welcome.


    Jay and Local can expect a good go with the new ball on Sunday, combining for 7 wickets for 144 runs. This might not sound world beating, but you have to remember that many of their deliveries are just too good for the batsmen to hit.


    Team News:

    Snipper was an early withdrawal from this game due to a bad case of ‘somethingbettertodo’.


    Thankfully Alex’s brother John has slipped straight in, bringing some handy seam bowling as well as a touch of the Steve Henty’s. That is, better looking than his brother and more loved by his parents.


    The XI at the time of writing and in no particular order is:

    1. Ed (c)
    2. Dutchy
    3. Local
    4. Alex
    5. John Gow
    6. Radar
    7. Rev
    8. Nick AW
    9. Tuesday
    10. Jay
    11. Bowl’en


    Pitch and Conditions:

    This is the Quokkas first venture back to Ramsden Street Oval since the first game of this season, a narrow loss to BDNO winners The Royal Oak.


    A ground with potentially long boundaries, depending on where you lay the witches hats, as well as the calming sounds of cars rushing along the Eastern Freeway.


    The new practice nets at the ground, described by some as the best in the Southern Hemisphere, provide tricky complications in regards to making excuses not to warm up. Well, for those inexperienced at making excuses anyway.


    The ground is also the site of where one of my deliveries was once hit into a light tower, which was a little like that scene in ‘The Natural’, but without Robert Redford or baseball.


    Stats and Trivia:

    • You should know by now that I’m making up 67% of these and sometimes 81%, or 23%
    • Dutchy has now hit 22 career YPCA 6’s, the equal most of all time (with Rowdy), this game offers his opportunity to take the lead
    • This will be Radars 25th YPCA game for the Quokkas, the inked-up all-rounder (bats, bowls, keeps) has scored 284 runs at 14.95 (top score of 37) and 11 wickets at 24.64






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