• The advent of free-agency has certainly changed the composition of social cricket teams in the modern era, and The Quokkas haven’t been immune to its blessed kiss.

    After a fairly dismal 2013/14 Summer in which the Victorian Quokkas only won 2 games (1 against the VBCA and the other against the rather inebriated Pinnacle), the recruitment agents have been in full-flight, inviting potential Social Cricket specialists including:

    • Ian Botham (rejected the offer, reason given: “No way” – even when offered a few Melbourne Bitters as payment)
    • David Boon (as above)
    • Gold Coast Suns footballer Charlie Dixon (rejected with the more polite “No thanks”)
    • ex-Geelong/Melbourne/Brisbane footballer Brent Moloney (rejected, “I can’t move my legs” – this seemed like a positive to The Rev who cant move his legs OR arms)
    • Alan Border (though never really approached, The Rev got too scared my his glare)

    In happier news, 2012/13 season heroes Radar and Alex are returning, while “The Chef” has been roped in.


  • Many thanks to Buzzfeed to providing this link to some of our better looking players:




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